A Fashion and Sewing Blog within this Blog

Between 2013-2015, sewing and fashion design was a big part of my free time. It is again and will continue for the foreseeable future. As part of this move and in anticipation of more articles on sewing and fashion, I have organized the 110 articles on said topics that are this blog into a number of categories listed below. You will also be able to find them on the My Fashion page, or under the menu at the top under My Art, or in the Categories menu at bottom left, if you want to see the articles together in some sense.

There will be enough articles on fashion and sewing to make them like a mini-blog within this one. It is not the most convenient way for readers to just access those articles and ignore everything else. However, I am not up to keeping a blog for every one of my interests.

This go around, I will have more garments for myself as before, which was the real need that that got me into sewing and fashion design in the first place. You can read that brief history at the bottom of the My Fashion page. However, I am excited to be expanding much more into women’s fashion because it is not only more challenging in some ways, it also allows for much more creativity! There are so many more styles, and options for a woman to wear compared to men! And if I ever do decide to try to make money from this, women’s fashion is where it’s at. I don’t think a lot of men like my style, but I kind of also like having my style for myself. The rest of the guys can dress like the rest of the guys, generally speaking, lol.

Anyhow, the organized articles will generally fall into the following categories, with some changes as time goes along. If you enjoy fashion and/or sewing, I hope you’ll join me in my adventure, and also check out my Fashion Pinterest account that has much more fashion and sewing related content! Thank you.

Please click here for more fashion related posts on this blog.






Men’s Garments


Women’s Garments


Geek Inspired (garments above with geek inspiration)


Self-rating of garments I’ve made


My Fashion Philosophy (article)


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