I’ll Be Referencing the US 2016 Election as 8/11

I seem to be developing a lingo of my own to talk about the 2016 US Election and its fall out. I’ve been avoiding saying the Shrump’s name correctly cause he’s that much of a caricature to me. Now, I’m going to refer to the 2016 US election as simply, 8-11.

For over a decade now, people have reference that infamous day of September 11th, 2001, as 9-1-1 or 9-11. The 2016 US election took place on November 8th, which is properly 11-8 if you were to keep the same date sequence of month then date. However, there is no set convention on that. So I’m going to swap that sequence to put date first, like the 8th of November, and reference the 9-11 name to call this election 8-11. Sadly, it still wouldn’t be enough of a metaphor to describe the impact that tragic day will have on future lives of people on the entire planet.

You thought 9-11 affected your life badly? You wait till you see the effect 8-11 will have! 😦

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