I’ll Be Referencing the US 2016 Election as 8/11

I seem to be developing a lingo of my own to talk about the 2016 US Election and its fall out. I’ve been avoiding saying the Shrump’s name correctly cause he’s that much of a caricature to me. Now, I’m going to refer to the 2016 US election as simply, 8-11.

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Vote Early en masse so CNN can Call the US Election BEFORE Election Night!

You can start early voting today for the US, it seems, from what some friends were posting on Facebook. That’s almost a month ahead of time!

That led me to think with that much time, what if enough people went to vote that CNN and other news stations could call the election before election night?

Seriously, this could be done!

C’mon, American neighbours! Don’t make me wait. And don’t disillusion me on my perception of your collective intelligence and common sensibility.

Actually, forget about me! Don’t make the world wait. Nor disillusion it on their perception of your collective intelligence and common sensibility!

It’s a pretty obvious choice! Why prolong the inevitable?

I Will Boycott Any Halifax Unionized Coffee Shop

There’s a big brew-haha about Haligonian coffee shop staff unionizing. and how this is supposed to be good and going to lead to change in Canada, etc. Well, I’ll simply state “brew-haha” is pretty much the right word to describe it, and leave it at that, because I not only understand the issues and disagree, I also know action speak louder than words. Continue reading