See How Various Canadians Demographics Have Aged Via Online Dashboards

My latest Tableau dashboards involve Statistic Canada published numbers for Canadian populations in various age groups, provinces and territories, genders, and annually since 1971.  They could be very useful for your work, study, or just interest as they are accessible online, with lots of details, visuals, and downloadable as PDFs or graphic images if you needed a printout of the graphs, charts and/or numbers. The link is to a post with the JavaScript required dashboards that I can’t embed on WordPress, with lots of details on what you should note. However, it is a tool with a lot of flexibility for you to explore Canada’s demographic population numbers on your own! I hope you will try it!


What Percent of NHL Draft Picks are Made from Trades?

During the NHL entry draft, teams are given an order in which they pick. They are also allowed to trade their picks for other players, cash, and other considerations. Some of these trades happen during the draft. Others happened long before, as part of player trades with future picks thrown in and/or pending future considerations. What I wanted to know as one of the early steps of an ongoing NHL draft analysis on Tableau data visualization software, in familiarizing myself with a data set I had put together from several sources, was what percentage of picks came from drafts? There was a field recorded from the year 2000 that denoted when a team picked out of order due to draft pick swaps.

You can find the answer here, for any range of years since 2000 pending in which period you were interested or needed to know. That’s part of the interactive experience of Tableau Public is that you can adjust some things to get a multitude of answers for your questions. The dashboards aren’t on this site because WordPress does not allow for JavaScript required to embed the interactive dashboard visual.

If you like this sort of stats analysis about the NHL, especially how drafts have panned out, please subscribe to the blog where there the dashboards are. Otherwise, subscribe here and you’ll see notices about new dashboards being put up. I hope to have a new one every week.

How do YOU Physically Measure Up to Canadians?

I just created an interactive dashboard with distributions of the Canadian population physical health measurements like standing and sitting height, weight, BMI, waist, hip and waist hip ratio, by gender and age group demographics, as measured and released by the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS). More than just averages, there are percentile distributions of 5, 10, 25, 50 (median), 75, 90 and 95, so you can see roughly what portions of the populations are more or less than you in those measurements. More details are in the post with the link because I can’t post the dashboard here with JavaScript not being allowed on WordPress.

See how you stack up, or put in average values from different jurisdictions, like country, state, country bloc, etc. and see how they compare to Canadians!