How do YOU Physically Measure Up to Canadians?

I just created an interactive dashboard with distributions of the Canadian population physical health measurements like standing and sitting height, weight, BMI, waist, hip and waist hip ratio, by gender and age group demographics, as measured and released by the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS). More than just averages, there are percentile distributions of 5, 10, 25, 50 (median), 75, 90 and 95, so you can see roughly what portions of the populations are more or less than you in those measurements. More details are in the post with the link because I can’t post the dashboard here with JavaScript not being allowed on WordPress.

See how you stack up, or put in average values from different jurisdictions, like country, state, country bloc, etc. and see how they compare to Canadians!


First Try with Anki Cozmo Robot’s SDK

Last night, I had my first look into the Anki Cozmo robot’s SDK that uses Python. It was a little nerdy to install and set up, but the videos were well put together. Now, the real fun begins!

My strategy for learning these programs is to alter them in some way, to be creative but also to get some hands on coding done, and maybe to do some independent things rather than just following instructions without having to think much. It’s one thing to repeat words and phrases to learn a language. It’s another to make your own, or at least tweak, the words and phrases you got taught. I learn much better the latter way.

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Advice to “Improve” the NHL Website’s PARTIAL Sharing of Reference Data

The NHL website has lots of info on it, including records of the archival kind, not the kind you break. I was just looking through their draft data when I realized some were missing. Apparently, exactly 10.0% were missing, like 1092 players of 10932 players up to 2016! They are also randomly spaced out, so far as I can tell, including a number one overall player.

I’d tell you who that was except it’s more devious than this! They must track IP address of access because it’s the same missing list on any browser from one computer, but not another at a different location! So this missing player I’m talking about (Marc-Andre Fleury who was #1 in 2003, on my home machine), was on at another location I accessed the lists!

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