Boxing week shopping run

F Dec 30, 2022

Can I call it a shopping run if I bought nothing? Whole damn Bayers Lake industrial park on sale and I bought nothing! Went looking for running shoes and waterproof or resistant pants, art supplies, electronics, and was open to other things, but found nothing worthy of my money. Guess that makes me a tough customer lol. Actually, I’m quite easy with a lot of the basics in life, but very demanding with the luxuries of life. Again, exhibiting my tendency to be around average overall, but from a balance of opposite extremes. As for the run to beers Lake, I ran there to save a bus ticket and some time compared to exercising separately then busing up. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! Had nothing to do with trying to hit Strava goals that I had intentionally put out of my general grasp earlier this week, but have suddenly come back within my grasp due to recent impromptu events. I have done this numerous times this year, in previous years, so I can back up my story… although I had never taken the short route up in through Main Avenue with a bigger elevation climb. But I was testing out my shoe hat in a different way today, and I’m also sticking with that story lol. In having gotten nothing, it only weighs on my mind that I only wasted $2.50 to prevent potential regret about not seeing what good deals might have been available when I need some things I was looking for in the future, compared to five dollars had I taken the bus there and back. Now I just have to figure out how I should feel about generally needing nothing in life that money could buy to improve or enrich it. How I should feel besides being super grateful, that is. I am a creator, and my joy comes from creating and/or accomplishing things, not getting things. The joy I get from getting things is for how they will enable me to create and/or accomplish things, not for the sake of their general enjoyment or possession.


Shopping for nothing walk

F Dec 30, 2022

Had to get some stock up groceries on sale, on this year’s remaining food budget, to justify the bus ticket home from Bayers Lake after having ran there looking for Boxing Week sales but finding none I could justify, or even just want! Maybe I just had a feeling not to risk a second bus ticket to travel up there. But a few fewer things to purge throughout 2023 as I make it easier for myself to move in the future, whenever that might happen because I obviously won’t be in the same place for the rest of my life if Fate allows me many more years of fun living!


Redemptive warm up – 196 085 604 0 0 0 0

S Dec 31, 2022

With all the unplanned running with elevation I ended up doing this week, I was about 36 m away from my 2000 m elevation for months Strava goal I was trying to let go of for 2023. That’s why I did a run on Monday without a Garman so there wouldn’t be a reasonable chance for me to attain the goal. We warmed up on a hill today that I wasn’t sure would put me over or not, but it seems to have left me 6 m short, and to prove my sincerity at letting go of this goal, I am going to leave it 6 m short lol. I can’t tell you for sure what’s going to be my theme song for 2023, but I can tell you one of the finalists will certainly be Let It Go from the frozen soundtrack! Now, when I say theme song, I mean I sing the damn thing and not just have it as a symbol! So where can I get a white dress with snowflakes to do my best Idina Menzel impersonation when I sing this song over and over in 2023? Lol

Touristy thresholds

R Dec 29, 2022

Nooooooooooooo! I’m not freaking at the easy pace, but rather the elevation gain on this impromptu run with River in Dartmouth in place of thresholds that didn’t happen today. I intentionally did a run without my Garmin on Monday so that I would have no chance of meeting either of my monthly Strava distance or elevation gain goals unless I did something a little crazy, to practice letting go of them for 2023. However, this run has put both back in reasonable grasp, and I will be running the two remaining days left this month! I wonder if I have Britney Spears syndrome that hasn’t been diagnosed, or something. Particularly the “Oops! I did it again!” variant. Will find out in a couple of days, I guess! Otherwise, it was a nice run to see the Dartmouth Christmas lights and lakes, with a guide so I didn’t have to worry about getting lost, or rely on my echo location to figure out where I was going like last night! I have either some bat or whale gene to be able to do that, in case you were wondering. I’m not sure which only because 23andme doesn’t test for those genes to have been able to tell me. Also got to talk about things like my new shoe hack, and the physics of light reflection off the water. The shoe hack was for faster speed, not slower, unlike what this run pace might have suggested. But it’s good to test things out nice and easy at first. It felt good, and, if nothing else, I should be able to at least get the placebo effect benefits out of it from feeling better, if there were no real effect. I am really crazy if I think I can improve on an established shoe manufacturers design, while planning for at least the benefits of a placebo effect lol. As for physics of light reflection, have you ever noticed that along a waterfront, all the light reflections from the opposite sure that are a bit long like light icicles, all lead back to you The way all roads once lead to Rome? They have to, theoretically. Reflections, that is, not the roads. But I won’t tell you why here, like I won’t tell you about my shoe hack, and let you either figure it out, or get it from me in person. Now, to test out what could potentially be my first addiction for 2023. I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks if I got addicted lol. Thanks for the nice and fun run, River!

No crew love echolocation run

W Dec 28, 2022

With no crew love run tonight, and prescribed route with it, I had to use my echolocation abilities to find my way around in the dark like bats and whales do. Surprisingly, my feelings showed through, not only running a broken heart route, but also with a lot of staggering from an intermittently malfunctioning echolocation system, leaving a heart as lopsided as my brain and many whales’ brains! That lopsidedness is normal, though, btw, if you were wondering. But as lopsided as that route might have been (partly due to some street closures), the route should be appreciated because the unbroken heart route using Cunard on the left side instead of Buddy Daye to where I strayed, is pretty much 6 km that is the usual crew love route length! I guess some things were in sync after all… including me doing a LOT of jay running through roundabouts, crisscrossing busy streets, and high stepping across one going up the hill in front of the police station without getting caught! Crazy, perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as just a batty guy having a whale of a time with his running! 😉

Hills sponsored by letters P and B

T Dec 27, 2022

Sesame Street Hills were brought to you today by the letters P and B. And no, they don’t stand for peanut butter. Rather, the P stands for pizza, puke, and P. A little inside running joke with River and Light did these impromptu mid afternoon hills with me. I gotta say, these runs with inside running jokes are rather fun! As for the B, that goes with the P to stand for personal best because, apparently, I ran up Citadel Hill faster than I had ever run before, three times over with a 3:19 per km pace on one interval to go home with not just a gold medal, but also the silver and bronze! Actually, forget “go“ home. I’m not even dancing home with the triple medals while in winter gear. I’m prancing home and trash talking my gallery of guardian cherubs up in the sky! Lol. Well, I might have had I known the results then, but instead, we went for hot drinks afterwards and had some fun and contemplative conversation to keep me calm on earth lol. Great impromptu workout! Thanks to Light for the suggestion, and River for coming over as always, as well as the hot drinks afterwards it was also impromptu because I would have brought my credit card to buy my own damn drinks had I known!


Walk for art supplies

T Dec 27, 2022

Was just going to go scouting for art supplies on sale in places downtown before heading up to Bayers Lake later in the week to compare before buying, so I didn’t bring a bag with me. However, I saw some paint supplies for painting and pouring that was ridiculously enough on sale that I couldn’t refuse, so I walked home to get a bag to go back there to buy the stuff and returned home. I got about $130 worth of art supplies for $45, in case you were wondering what would motivate me to such nonsense. It was mostly stuff I would never pay that much for as well. Most things I got were soft acrylics in bronze gold that they series resist getting rid of stock. Given I bought at all, the cashier asked me what I would do with it, which I replied I would be painting a lot of Asian people lol. Thing was, of course, I can make that joke and laugh at it, but she couldn’t. I brought air back into the room by pointing of that it wasn’t true because I could paint Caucasian people with the same paint like Botticelli did, whose work I am currently studying this week. The only difference would be how much white you mixed in with it. as excited as I am to have this new batch of supplies, I will wait until January to test them out, after I finish my current flag related projects that is consuming the vast majority of all my free time this month! If I would be half as productive With my art next year, there’s gonna be a shit load of art to be produced! And a shit load of bad art as well lol. What would you expect from not only a beginner, but an experimental beginner trying out some techniques he’s never seen done before, towards outcomes he’s also never seen before but wondered why not Given some current limitations not being sufficiently satisfactory to him? Can’t wait! Not only to fail to get them failures out of the way, but to succeed after I get them out of the way, because to be honest, I think the techniques will only be experimental in the sense of finessing, not actually working or failing. But we shall see! Nothing is guaranteed in life, and that’s what makes it so fun!

The unrecorded run walk

M Dec 26

For Boxing Day, I didn’t box, but rather did a run where I intentionally left my Garmin at home so it would not record the results and make it very crazy for me to hit my Strava monthly goals without it. It was my way to symbolically let go of these monthly Strava goals for next year, when I plan to be running less mileage, but faster mileage, swapping the time saved for new physical activities light stretching. Now, I engage in enough crazy activities in my life where, if I did change my mind tomorrow, I could still hit all these goals, but the idea is that I won’t. I’ve got enough crazy things I plan to do in 2023 and I don’t need to start now and end up suffering from crazy activity fatigue [a new psychological condition I will be proposing the American Psychological Association to put in their manual of psychological disorders in 2023 lol]. I will also plan to be walking less than the roughly 750 km I will have recorded walking this year, with somewhere between 50 and 100 but I forgot to record. This was the walk after the run and lunch, to let my decisions sink in and consult with the mermaids on the waterfront to see what they thought of my solution. They just thought I was crazy. However, he thought these ideas I that I share in my Strava posts, along with me claiming they exist and that I talk to them, would be fantastic for a creative nonfiction running book. Some people have written books from their running journals, but nobody has ever written a fantastical running journal that mine would be, with a running narrative and plot lines throughout no less! And I also have Kindle book design and publishing experience from something I picked up during Covid lockdown. Well, I thought they were crazy! Mutual Lol. It then dawned upon us why we liked each other so much. It wasn’t because I was gregarious and athletic, and they were curvy, wet and topless. It was because we were all crazy, in good ways, and were energized By being around other good-crazy people… and all that energy moving the ocean waters that we could absorb through our skin to recharge ourselves! Hmmm… I guess I had better rethink that opposites attract theory I am adamant about being more correct than the likes attracting theory most people seem to prefer. But since neither is overwhelmingly crazy, maybe I should just come up with a better one in 2023. We’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂