Would Canadians Prefer to See Ottawa or Sidney Crosby in the Stanley Cup Finals?

It’s Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight between the only Canadian team left, the Ottawa Senators, and the country’s beloved superstar, Sidney Crosby. It’s been since 2011 that a Canadian team had been in the Stanley Cup Finals (Vancouver Canucks), and an atrocious 24 years since 1993 when a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup (Montreal Canadiens)! But this is the 1-3-1 schemed Ottawa Senators we’re talking about here… or just the Ottawa Senators, against the generally acknowledged best current hockey player in the world, and hockey darling of Canada, Sidney Crosby, on a very dynamic Pittsburgh team! The Ottawa fan base ain’t exactly large or great, as you might have heard them having trouble filling their stadium even for the play-offs! So for the other 35.8 million Canadians*, I want to know if you’d rather see Ottawa or Sidney Crosby in the Stanley Cup Finals?**

* Population of Canada is currently listed at 35.85 million
** I can’t control from where people vote but if you weren’t Canadian, pretend you are by being nice, and vote anyway. 🙂



While I was in Alaska last fall, inspired by their flag which had the Big Dipper constellation and Polaris, the North Star, on it, I had the idea of making a tuque with the same constellation and more. Namely, I was going to illustrate one of the more popular astronomical navigation descriptives that involved not only the Big Dipper, but also the Little Dipper. I was going to do this on a tuque because it’s generally spherical, like the night sky. There was no more perfect a garment canvas than a tuque!

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