Assessments, Logs, Planners

This site has a small collection of assessments, logs, and workbooks you can freely access for yourself and others.



For assessments, there are a handful, with two being very popular relating to personality which you can take for yourself, then interpret your results on your own. I have also included two on other sites, with asterisks after their names, for personal use as I have found them very useful, and have directed people there on many occasions. Assessments available include:



There are three logs on this site you can freely download and use for yourself:



There is only the Resolutions Planning Workbook currently.

6 thoughts on “Assessments, Logs, Planners

  1. What a fabulous site. It is like Aladdin’s cave.
    We are giving some training seminars and wanted to be able to either hand out a free printed self assessment or to have a free on line assessment available on our website.
    Although your fabulous Personality test spreadsheet model is free, it is of course subject of copyright and courtesy.
    Can I host your test on our website, as long as I give proper acknowledgement as to its source, and the backup and analysis resources you have compiled to accompany it?
    Are there restrictions etc I should acknowledge and post with it if you approve?

    • Thanks, Graeme. I have gone through copyrights and such with copyrights of similar tests to avoid brand confusion so I have the rights to the tests here. The contents are all free and I can’t stop anyone from taking it to put it elsewhere, which I knew about putting anything online. I’m grateful you asked for its usage, but would it be too much to ask to put a link so people could get the test and supporting materials on my site? Have it open in a new window so it doesn’t interrupt where they are on your site. I really prefer it that way but as I said, there’s nothing I can do to stop anyone from taking the content and doing what they want with it. Thank you.

      • Hi Guys

        I’m studying Coaching and Mentoring here in Northern Ireland. I had to carry out a self assessment as part of my course. I found your personality test so insightful. It really has assessed my personality very accurately. I got my 17 year old son to also do the test. His profile was scarily accurate in fine detail.

        I think if anyone in serious about personality profiling and coaching/mentoring, they will give credit where credit is due – for those who fly in the face of ethics, there’s always the law. Copyright and intellectual property rights can be asserted in a court of law and penalties imposed on those who breach such laws.

        Very well done in the design of your spreadsheet and thank you.

        • Thanks, Stephen. I got legal approval from the original test copyright holder. They even helped me craft the post so I could say my thing and keep them happy legally! Very nice of them! 🙂

  2. Is the questionnaire exclusive to or, or can it be used on another match making website? What is the process to get permission to do so?

    • They use it on their site to match their people, as one of many other factors. I doubt anyone else would use it to match people. You can use it with people you date to see how well you match up, though! Just don’t let it be the end all of things. A fun thing that’s useful for understanding and working out differences, and to start genuine conversations about each other. 🙂

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