Helen Fisher

Dr Helen Fisher

I have converted the scientific test from Dr Helen Fisher‘s absolutely fascinating book, Why Him? Why Her? Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type, into a text format you can use in any place where you can edit text, whether a word processor or Facebook Note. This very scientific test will give you a lot of insight into the nature of your personality, who you fall for and why, and you can decide whether that’s what you’re looking for because wanting and doing aren’t necessarily the same thing. While designed to be used for singles looking for love, I’m sure it would be just as interesting for couples to do it rather than just singles. Dr Fisher has tested outcomes against existing couples to verify the theory. I would bet the outcomes couples get would make for an interesting discussion. That’s discussion, not argument!

To get that insight, you’ll need to do Dr Fisher’s test first, then click here to get an interpretation of results. This test is also the core test used on the very successful match-making site, Chemistry.com, that has been the buzz of that scene for a few years now with over 7 million people tested.

Why Him Why Her by Helen Fisher

If you want to do the full, serious test, you can do it on Chemistry.com for free, though you have to give some personal information. You should still check back on my interpretation of the results, though, because I have more information than the site gives you, from Dr Fisher’s book and other sources wherein she has provided additional information.

To use this test in Facebook Notes, select and copy everything below the dotted line. Create a New Facebook note and paste into that note. Give the note a name, like Dr Helen Fisher’s Why Him/Why Her Personality Test for Love, or maybe Who I Am and Who I Love, if you want to be a little more intriguing. Or make up your own name. Then follow the instructions in what you pasted.

Tag friends you want to try this note. For some friends, it would be fun to know their results. For others, you might find you were made for each other!

No affairs, though, please, if you were already taken!πŸ˜‰

Have fun!

You can also print out the text below in PDF to do it on paper by clicking on the link below:

Text and instructions for Why Him Why Her test.PDF

I plan to get an Excel self-tabulating version out between Christmas and New Year’s, 2011, as I am swamped right now with work and gift making.

For more introspective Facebook notes like this, though far less intense, please see https://digitalcitizen.ca/facebook-notes/

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If you were tagged, you should do the note and tag me in return. You can get the original note at https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/why/ if you don’t want to copy this note and erase my answers before filling out.

This is Dr Helen Fisher’s Why Him / Why Her Test for your personality type and the types which you fall for. It is very scientific and has been used on the match-making site Chemistry.com by over 7 million users.

Read each statement and choose the number that best describes your agreement by the following scale.

0 = Strongly Disagree
1 = Disagree
2 = Agree
3 = Strongly Agree

Please note the number choices are ZERO to THREE. Put your choice for each statement in front of the statement. Try to answer as honestly as you can for who you are, not who you want to be.


– I find unpredictable situations exhilarating

– I do things on the spur of the moment

– I get bored when I have to do the same familiar things

– I have a very wide range of interests

– I am more optimistic than most people

– I am more creative than most people

– I am always looking for new experiences

– I am always doing new things

– I am more enthusiastic than most people

– I am willing to take risks to do what I want to do

– I get restless if I have to stay home for any length of time

– My friends would say I am very curious

– I have more energy than most people

– On my time off, I like to be free to do whatever looks fun


– I think consistent routines keep life orderly and relaxing

– I consider (and reconsider) every option thoroughly before making a plan

– People should behave according to established standards of proper conduct

– I enjoy planning way ahead

– In general, I think it is important to follow rules

– Taking care of my possessions is a high priority for me

– My friends and family would say I have traditional values

– I tend to be meticulous in my duties

– I tend to be cautious, but not fearful

– People should behave in ways that are morally correct

– It is important to respect authority

– I would rather have loyal friends than interesting friends

– Long established customs need to be respected and preserved

– I like to work in a straightforward parth toward completing the task


– I understand complex machines easily

– I enjoy competitive conversations

– I am intrigued by rules and patterns that govern systems

– I am more analytical and logical than most people

– I pursue intellectual topics thoroughly and regularly

– I am able to solve problems without letting emotion get in the way

– I like to figure out how things work

– I am tough-minded

– Debating is a good way to match my wits with others

– I have no trouble making a choice, even when several alternatives seem equally good at first

– When I buy a new machine (like a camera, computer or car), I want to know all of its technical features

– I like to avoid the nuances and say exactly what I mean

– I think it is important to be direct

– When making a decision, I like to stick to the facts rather than be swayed by people’s feelings


– I like to get to know my friends’ deepest needs and feelings

– I highly value deep emotional intimacy in my relationships

– Regardless of what is logical, I generally listen to my heart when making important decisions

– I frequently catch myself daydreaming

– I can change my mind easily

– After watching an emotional film, I often still feel moved by it several hours later

– I vividly imagine both wonderful and horrible things happening to me

– I am very sensitive to people’s feelings and needs

– I often find myself getting lost in my thoughts during the day

– I feel emotions more deeply than most people

– I have a vivid imagination

– When I wake up from a vivid dream, it takes me a few seconds to return to reality

– When reading, I enjoy it when the writer takes a sidetrack to say something beautiful or meaningful

– I am very empathetic

Total of your answers for Scale 1 and put it at right:
This is how much you have of the Explorer personality type. They are attracted to other Explorers.

Total of your answers for Scale 2 and put it at right:
This is how much you have of the Builder personality type. They are attracted to other Builders.

Total of your answers for Scale 3 and put it at right:
This is how much you have of the Director personality type. They are attracted to Negotiators.

Total of your answers for Scale 4 and put it at right:
This is how much you have of the Negotiator personality type. They are attracted to Directors.

Identify your highest and second highest totals as your “primary” and “secondary” personality types, respectively. Replace those quoted words in the first of two numbered sentences below (keep caps).

Identify the attractions with your “primary” and “secondary” personality types above. Replace those quoted words in the second of two numbered sentences below (keep caps).

1. I am a PRIMARY/Secondary combination.

2. I am most attracted to PRIMARY/Secondary combination, but also those whose personality type is predominantly PRIMARY or Secondary.

Please visit https://digitalcitizen.ca/y/ to interpret your results. You can paste sections that apply to you into your note, if you like, but please leave this instruction for others to do the same.