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facebook notes for thinkersI’ve recently decided to create notes for Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, LiveJournal and other social networking sites so links on this page will be sparse for a while. However, I don’t just want to create any kind of note, and especially not the silly ones where it is hard to figure out what the purpose is… even if it were just for fun.

I want to create notes that will make you think and be a little self-aware in the process. I want you to show some of the more interesting aspects of your life, mind, heart, soul and self. I think we’re all a lot more interesting than we make ourselves out to be in a lot of the senseless notes out there. We just need to be prompted with the right questions, without needing all day to answer. To that end, the reason/s the purpose of my Facebook notes are made clear at the beginning of every note.

These notes would also be great for English as a Second / Foreign Language exercises as is (for simple level), or with some degree of explanation of the answers given like a sentence or short paragraph (more difficult levels). I try to make the notes universal enough that everybody could relate to them to some level. It’s just a matter of one’s depth as a person how much or little they would get into it. ESL/EFL students and teachers, you could get to know each other on a whole new level with some of these exercises that have a little more depth than some of the more superficial ones out there.

Finally, I’m don’t believe in Facebook notes that give away your personal information like age, names, etc. so there are none of these in my notes. I will do most of my notes on my blog, though I may do some at after posting due to time constraints. I hope you will enjoy these notes, along with your friends with whom you share them. Any constructive feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.

Unique Friends

I am Not Average in


Songs and Feelings

Sources of Inspiration

One Sentence Philosophies or Attitudes

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