I Am Not Average: A Facebook Note Idea

The object of this Facebook note is to identify ways which you know, or feel pretty sure, you are NOT average. It sounds like it might be for “misfits” or “pompous” people, but hey, everybody is “not average” in a lot of ways. Try it! I think you’ll love it! I don’t think you’ll have to encourage some friends to try it themselves, either, after they see it! There’s something about not being average that breeds competition. They’ll be “stealing” it, in Facebook-speak, from you as soon as they can find enough time to think about doing it for themselves!

You don’t have to be absolutely sure on what you claim you’re not average at, but others can then challenge you on it.

Most Facebook notes queue you with questions so specific you either don’t have an answer very different from many other people, or an answer at all, this Facebook note is a simple concept that can lead to a very extensive Facebook note. It’ll also make you think a lot like my other Facebook notes do. You’ll probably have to think a lot harder on this one than my other ones, but at least it’s about yourself. Some may love that, and some may hate it, but the latter can ignore it then. Friends can also chime in with good or bad additions, dealt with later in this post.

All I’m going to give you for this Facebook note are the first four words that make up the title:


If you want to keep this positive, you can change it to


I proposed the first title because I do believe in that theory that says the first step to solving any “problem” is admitting you have it. Now, if you’re below average in something, it may not be a “problem”. Nor is being above average in something necessarily a good thing. However, you can always leave out what you don’t want to share in either case. The first title also gives you the opportunity to be above or below average. You can pick out things in the positive yourself among them, though I highly recommend including some things for which you are below average so as not to be pompous or sounding insecure. Just pick them carefully if you worry about consequences from including such things, or pick what’s blatantly obvious, like maybe that you’re shorter than average. 🙂

Others may make comments to expose bad things you left out, especially any super casual Facebook “friends” you may have. To that, if they’re not that meaningful a friend, or have a history of being mean enough, I would recommend a removal of the comment, a removal from your FB friends list or a “block”. If it’s just banter, it shouldn’t be hard for you to point out something negative about them where they are outside of the average. Everybody’s got them. 🙂

On the other hand, your true friends might also chime in with positive items to your post. That easy communal interaction potential is something I see as being very appealing to this note idea… and what Facebook is all about with the interactions.

Of course, I don’t generally recommend the I am Below Average Facebook note, but some “organized” people, or those with “warped sense of humour”, may do one for themselves. Please do not do anything like this note toward others!

As for what you can cover, try height, weight, looks, fitness, allergies, intelligence, extra/introversion, humour, patience, determination, salary, house size, pets and other material possessions owned, etc. Physical features, personality traits, lifestyle activities, family make-up, relationships and material possessions are some big groups to start with. You can always come back to add other items later when you think of more. Think of it as a growing list you can do over time after a good start, but that’s up to you.

Finally, remember what I said before. You don’t have to be absolutely sure on what you claim, but pick stuff you know or feel pretty sure about. That’ll make you think! 🙂

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