Mentally Obese

What happens to my brain when it’s not challenged enough to keep it in good condition over extended periods of time.

That’s the term I’ve coined for it.

I suspect it’d happen to yours as well.

Introducing the Haiquote (wanna try writing one?)

In 2014, I began writing quotes for blog posts as part of my new social media and writing strategies for the year. I chose quotes because I have many of my own that I go around spouting, and to demonstrate some brevity most people I know don’t associate with me. I bet many who don’t know me but have visited this blog probably think the same, lol.

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I Am Not Average: A Facebook Note Idea

The object of this Facebook note is to identify ways which you know, or feel pretty sure, you are NOT¬†average. It sounds like it might be for “misfits” or “pompous” people, but hey, everybody is “not average” in a lot of ways. Try it! I think you’ll love it! I don’t think you’ll have to encourage some friends to try it themselves, either, after they see it! There’s something about not being average that breeds competition. They’ll be “stealing” it, in Facebook-speak, from you as soon as they can find enough time to think about doing it for themselves!

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