Just a Blog Identity Tweak This Time

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Most blogs have a theme to them. If you hadn’t noticed, this blog is like a repository for all kinds of things I write, and create for people to use, except my poetry that has its own dedicated blog to keep things “organized” for me. At times, I have changed the blog tagline to indicate a themed phase I might have been in, which would have made no sense for all the people visiting for previous content because those changes tended to be big. Themes have ranged, in no particular order, from writings, to fashion, personal tests, art, screen wallpapers, Facebook associated stuff, new vocabulary learned, and most recently back to creative writings on my two year journey to do writing more seriously. Less than three months into that journey, I have refined the focus to change the blog identity again, but only with a tweak this time.

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Definition: Creative Trespassing

Creative Trespassing

Using creativity to get into, be in, spaces (positions and/or roles) people perceive you shouldn’t be.


That’s a paraphrasing from what I heard in this Good Life Project podcast episode. It’s something I do a LOT of in life! 🙂

A Fused Lace Tie?

Oh, yes. A fused lace tie. It’s not the best of fused lace for a pattern of my liking. I’ve hardly ever spent any money on fused lace, not deeming they were worth the price I can get them at, so this was all I had. However, it works to make a point. The tie isn’t super smooth as a real silk tie, cut on the bias, but it will work just fine. It’s less delicate, fancier, more interesting and can be washed and ironed. Forget that other stuff you pay so much for so little. Get creative!

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Grape Tomatoes and Blueberry Omelette

And why the heck not? It was delicious! Not to mention healthy!

Add green onions and mint or a touch of other spices for some aroma and zing.

Eat with steamed rice or bread.

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Send a Music Video with Facebook Birthday Wishes

On Facebook, you get notices of your Facebook friends’ birthdays. Most people just write “happy birthday”. A few add the person’s name to the comment. The occasional one will add an additional sentence or two. For the most part, it is pretty superficial, seeming to be an automatic and generic action.

One way you can suddenly stand out in a lot of ways, without a lot of work, is just think of a song you’d like to send that person. Continue reading