Send a Music Video with Facebook Birthday Wishes

On Facebook, you get notices of your Facebook friends’ birthdays. Most people just write “happy birthday”. A few add the person’s name to the comment. The occasional one will add an additional sentence or two. For the most part, it is pretty superficial, seeming to be an automatic and generic action.

One way you can suddenly stand out in a lot of ways, without a lot of work, is just think of a song you’d like to send that person.

Maybe it’s a song that reminds you of them. Maybe it’s just a song you like, or you know they’d like. Maybe it’s one they haven’t heard before, or has a message you’d like to send. Whatever the reason or reasons, putting a link to a video or audio clip of that song on the person’s wall, and a little birthday message with it, will make it seem you went through a lot more effort! Relatively speaking to someone that just typed “happy birthday”, you did!

And the way video links work on Facebook to take up a lot more real estate on their wall, your effort will also stand out just as much. Others may see it and listen to the song as well. It’s a great little challenge for any music lover to undertake most days of the year, to find a good song for someone’s birthday.

Of course, I’m not suggesting this substitute a real gift if you were to be giving one. But if you were just going to be dropping a note to wish someone a happy birthday, make it a musical note.

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