Facebook Newsfeed Needs a Filter Feature

When something you don’t like comes along frequently on your Facebook feed, like some annoying meme, there is no way to filter it out at the moment. It’s a feature the Facebook Newsfeed sorely lacks, which’s presence could be highly valued by its users.

Sure, there is algorithm to see what you like and don’t like on your Newsfeed to help customize it more to your liking. You can unfollow some people, block some apps, and so on. But that’s an algorithm. It sorts of get what you like and don’t like, and there are things you can hide forever that will never be accounted for by that algorithm. For example, hiding all the ALS bucket challenge won’t stop those videos from appearing in your newsfeed. What I’m talking about for a filter is something like a keyword feature, like don’t put anything on the newsfeed with the word “quiz” in it. Or maybe “ice” and “bucket”, you get what I’m saying???

Of course, this filter would be individualized for users so that each user could choose to block whatever s/he likes. They’d use it at their own risk, of course, of removing things they do want to see. For example, blocking “ice” could result in a whole bunch of stuff related to ice hockey that a hockey fan might want to see. But that would be the user’s problem, not Facebook’s problem.

So come on, Facebook. Are you up to it?

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