ELVIS Short Tennis Shorts

Up till recently, I had been making tennis shorts long like beach shorts. That’s partly because of the deep pocket required to hold a tennis ball in my pocket at times when I play, and because it’s more the current style. However, seeing all the ladies at my tennis club in their uber short tennis skirts, showing off their legs, I got jealous and decided to make my tennis shorts shorter. I had nice legs, too!

So I decided to make my new tennis shorts only as long as they needed to be, which was just a tad below the lowest point of my slanted pocket… the way pants and shorts pockets should be made! It would also make things easier to move around in with more of my legs free. As well, there would be less fabric that would have to soak up sweat, which means I could get away with making the shorts from cotton for which I had a super collection of fun prints, unlike the spandex I tended to use previously for which I was super limited from living in a conservative city like Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Elvis pair of short tennis shorts below were not the first I’ve made, having been on a mission of late to have made like a half a dozen pair in a week! However, I got pics of these worn rather than lying on the ground to show how they fit for design as well as function.

I’ll give these shorts a silver rating. With the Elvis fabric that was cheap at Wal-mart in New Orleans where I got them, and the pattern repeating in a simple pattern not offset from column to column or row to row like some patterns are, I was able to match the seam at the front. I did that very well. The side wasn’t bad and the back was just wherever the seam ended up at both sides. Otherwise, nothing too exciting about these shorts except that it’s Elvis, and Elvis will still incite a lot of small reactions and smiles from people. 🙂

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