My Fashion

My Animatrix coat

My Animatrix coat

Please click here to read about My Fashion Philosophy

In the fall of 2011, my fabulous seamstress told me she was retiring. I was happy for her, of course, but I had enough of buying limited selection, boring, second rate nice formal and semi-formal clothing, with additional tailoring costs. You see, I’m a 5’2″ guy weighing 108 lbs. and there isn’t a lot of such clothing for variety or quality. So with my seamstress’ retirement forced on me, I decided to take up sewing permanently. I had tried it before some 5 years ago, but found this seamstress and forgot about it for a while. I was horribly inefficient at sewing on that first go around, anyway, though I could do good work.

My intent with my second go at sewing was to be able to make most of the nice clothes I’ll ever want for myself. I was also going to design it all. I used to be a graphic designer, after all, and started out my studies in Engineering where I did drafting quite well. I have also done various arts and crafts with my hands, from playing musical instruments to doing origami (paper folding). I could think in 2D and 3D easily, transferring one to the other. I had skills to do graphic manipulation for anything I might need, like graphics for embroidery. I was also a very determined and patient person. In other words, felt I could succeed at this from my self-assessment, so off I went.

The links below are some of the garments I have made, with some descriptions about it all. I’m a bit behind on posting so I will try to catch up. Other posts related to fashion, but not a garment I made, are listed at the bottom.

Women’s Clothing


Chinese style jacket and hand bag (New Look 6435 pattern) (Gold rating)


 (Bronze rating)

McCall 6647 MISSIE Dress for Bust Fitting (Gold rating)

McCall 6602 Slightly SCANDALOUS Dress (Gold rating)

Coats and Jackets

BOLERO Hoodie (Silver rating)


My First Ao Dai (Silver rating)

Stuff for Me

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

EVERGREEN Dress Shirt (Gold rating)

VILLA Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

ILLUSION Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

BRAILLE Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

COWBOY Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

REFLEXO Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

TOILE Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

TRANQUILITY Dress Shirt (Bronze rating)

Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

RUN Dress Shirt (Bronze rating)


MORALES Cosplay Tennis Shorts (Bronze rating)

HULK Cosplay Tennis Shorts (Silver rating)

BJORN Long Tennis Shorts (Silver rating)

TREK Long Tennis Shorts (Silver rating)

ELVIS Short Tennis Shorts (Silver rating)

RETROPOP Long Tennis Shorts (Gold rating)

LEAFS Broadcloth Tennis Shorts (Silver rating)

POISON Spandex Tennis Shorts (Silver rating)

DRAGON Spandex Tennis Shorts (Bronze rating)

NIGHTWING Running Body Suit (Gold rating)

TOXIC and GATORSNAKE Long Running Tights (Gold rating)

NEBULOUS Short Running Tights (Gold rating)

DRAGON Tennis Shorts (Bronze rating)

Work Tunic Jackets

CIVIL Outfit (Silver rating)


My Winter Dress Pants collection (Silver rating)


ANIMATRIX Winter Coat (Gold rating)

LINCOLN Vampire Hunting Jacket (Bronze rating)

New Orleans SAINTS Fleece Coat (Bronze rating)

Denver BRONCOS Fleece Coat (Gold rating)


TRANSFORMERS Pyjamas (Gold rating)

PEANUTS Pajamas (Silver rating)

KLPJs (Gold rating)

SUPE PJs (Bronze rating, Simplicity 4101)

Metallic FLINTSTONES Scrubs Top (Bronze rating, Simplicity 4101)

SPIDER-MAN Bath Robe from Licensed Beach Towels (Gold rating, Simplicity 9330)

MANDARIN Pyjamas (Silver rating)

MUSLIN Pyjamas (Bronze rating)


Various Pillowcases (Silver rating)

Scarfmitt, Reversible Polar Fleece (all serged, my design and pattern) (Gold rating)

PASTORAL Cows in the Pasture Pillowcases (Gold rating)

Fleece Origami (No medal rating)

New Styles!

Fundershirt muslin (no medal rating)

Pajama style dress pants (no medal rating)


Star Trek TNG Uniform for St Patrek’s Day Parade (Bronze rating)

Star Trek TNG Uniform for Pride Parade (Silver rating)

 (Bronze rating)

Garments that didn’t work out

The Cannibalized Dress Shirt (no medal rating)

Fashion Related Writing

A Practical Fashion Picture Dictionary with Infographics

Believing in the Strength of Threads

Sample Sewing Patterns I created from Wild Ginger Software

My Fashion Philosophy

Jan 2013 Monthly Fashion Designer Spotlight: Alexander McQueen (and Sarah Burton)

Dec 2012 Monthly Fashion Designer Spotlight: Georges Hobeika

I also write some for the Atlantic Sewing Guild.

OLD Dress Shirts

ILLUSION Dress Shirt (Bronze rating)

DRAPERY Dress Shirt (No medal rating)

TOILE Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

CHINOLINA Dress Shirt (No medal rating)

FIRST Dress Shirt (Silver rating)

GRID Dress Shirt (No medal rating)

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