My Fashion

My Animatrix coat

My Animatrix coat

From about 2012-2015, I did fashion design and sewing as an intensive hobby. I will am back at it again as of late 2016, with expanded and more challenging garment challenges.

The various fashion and sewing related posts on this site are organized by the categories below, with links embedded. However, before you look through them, I’d like to point out there are a lot more fashion and sewing related resources on my Fashion Pinterest account with over 10,000 fashion related pins (and a small number of other topics). I simply do not have the time to document it all here, and it’d be a duplication for me to do so, anyway. I would suggest looking through there for a much more comprehensive collection of information about fashion and sewing. What is here are just some of my adventures and memories I’d like to keep in my journey to become proficient at fashion design and sewing, with hopes one day someone will be able to sew for me because it’s really the fashion design I’m interested in. 🙂

Thank you for reading. The fashion and sewing posts are organized by categories below.






Men’s Garments


Women’s Garments


Geek Inspired (garments above with geek inspiration)


Self-rating of garments I’ve made


My Fashion Philosophy (article)


How I got into sewing and fashion design

In the fall of 2011, my fabulous seamstress told me she was retiring. I was happy for her, of course, but I had enough of buying limited selection, boring, second rate nice formal and semi-formal clothing, with additional tailoring costs. You see, I’m a 5’2″ guy weighing 108 lbs. and there isn’t a lot of such clothing for variety or quality. So with my seamstress’ retirement forced on me, I decided to take up sewing permanently. I had tried it before some 5 years ago, but found this seamstress and forgot about it for a while. I was horribly inefficient at sewing on that first go around, anyway, though I could do good work.

My intent with my second go at sewing was to be able to make most of the nice clothes I’ll ever want for myself. I was also going to design it all. I used to be a graphic designer, after all, and started out my studies in Engineering where I did drafting quite well. I have also done various arts and crafts with my hands, from playing musical instruments to doing origami (paper folding). I could think in 2D and 3D easily, transferring one to the other. I had skills to do graphic manipulation for anything I might need, like graphics for embroidery. I was also a very determined and patient person. In other words, felt I could succeed at this from my self-assessment, so off I went.


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