The Slightly SCANDALOUS Dress

This past spring, the Atlantic Sewing Guild to which I belong had what was called a Knits Challenge. The idea was to sew something out of knits, preferably one of two McCall’s patterns, McCall’s 5890 or McCall’s 6247, but not necessarily so. The patterns were chosen for the general simplicity to encourage many to try, but also for their versatility as each had a wide variety of pieces. I had sewn with knits before, like with this customized dress from two patterns, so I went with trying a pattern not meant for knits as my challenge. In the spirit of sewing with knits, I would be expanding my range to be able to sew more things with knits should I succeed, meaning I would be sewing with knits more often in the long run as was the goal for everyone to get some more experience sewing with knits.

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The MISSIE Dress

I belong to the Atlantic Sewing Guild. Last year, they had a mentoring program where members were matched between mentor and student pending on who wanted to learn certain things, and who could and would be willing to teach it. One thing I knew I needed to learn was how to bust fit garments for women. I didn’t want to be limited to making dresses only of pattern sizing, or be helpless when even that doesn’t work well. Mary Baxter of the Guild was very kind to step up to teach me and here is the result!

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FLOWER Dress: Vogue V1047 Dress Pattern Wasn’t Vogue Enough for Me

Last winter, I was involved in a sewing and fashion challenge with the Atlantic Sewing Guild. Lots of people brought in fabrics from their stash to contribute. A couple of people bundled them together in some way that didn’t quite go together well, to create the challenge with that bundle. Different weights, odd colours, no colour, small pieces, etc. were among the challenges with each bundle. Participants then drew numbers to determine order to “draft” a bundle, and then it was up to everyone to make something from their bundle. Here’s what I started and ended up with.

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