A Practical Fashion Picture Dictionary Using Infographics

What’s your fashion vocabulary like? Mine’s not very big, relatively speaking, and especially for someone who makes clothes. I know the basic garment types and so on, but terminology like types of neck lines, skirts, tops and so on, I’m very short on. I know a lot of what generally exists out there, but not by name for the most part. So one of the things I had on my 2015 To Do List was to expand my fashion vocabulary.

Of course, words on their own, or even with definition, wasn’t going to be effective as pictures to show garments with differing features and names. So I went and found a bunch of graphics online which showed different neck lines, skirts, tops, and a whole bunch of other garment features with names and classification systems! Below was what I found, often improved with my Photoshop skills to be bigger and easier to read, or print with better resolution, or in better contrast and colour intensity to make the infographics easier to use. Click on any thumbnail to view it larger. Click at bottom right in gallery view if you want to see the graphic at its full size that is usually bigger than the gallery slide show size.

The gallery below is hardly comprehensive, with some overlap so that not every term was only mentioned once. That’s what happens when you get these things from a variety of sources but I didn’t find one that was comprehensive and good. However, I think if anybody were able to use all the vocabulary shown below with some amount of fluency, so it rolls off their tongue or registers when they see a garment to identify all the feature, most of their general public friends not working in fashion would call them a fashionista! 🙂

I’m bookmarking this post for frequent visits to learn this by the end of 2015!

3 thoughts on “A Practical Fashion Picture Dictionary Using Infographics

  1. Hello, this is my intellectual property and you cutted the logo of Fractals and Enerie out. Please load the original from enerie.wordpress.com or I will report this violation

    • Hi, thank you for letting me know. I have removed all the graphics that look like they belong to the same “brand” look that is yours. I got them off Pinterest where there were no logos on them so I didn’t know the source. My sincere apologies for that. I very appreciate you still letting me load the original from your site. I think I can do it by a link rather than just a graphic so let me try. Thanks and apologies again.


    • Did I miss any? I removed what seemed to look along the same themes. Please let me know what I missed so I can also remove them. Then I will re-add them from your site if you were still OK with that. I wanted to show you they were all removed first.

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