Corset Dresses

At the end of last 2013, I took a corset making course with a friend in the Atlantic Sewing Guild. Seems I haven’t posted about it because I never got a picture of how well it fitted on my model, rather than the picture on my dress form below.

But aside from learning to make corsets, I was also taking the course to learn to do sexy bodices for dresses. Most of the pics below, and why I’m posting this, is to show the sorts of ideas I had in mind. I wasn’t dreaming of anything of such professional quality for starters, of course, but basically down the same road.

Better love the corset dress, be paid well enough for it, and/or have a good enough reason to make it, though, if you’re going to be making one, cause just the corset alone is a huge effort! The right situation for me will come someday, probably with a woman in my life rather than for pay, considering I’ve never made one so the first won’t necessarily be the greatest. But make it free for someone as a labour of love and it’ll be priceless to her… and if it ain’t, she and I won’t be together after that, lol!


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