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Fame will only be easier to get with time

fame time quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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How many meaningless things have you seen go viral recently? Some are good. Some are unexpected. Some are just lame like people posting pics begging to be shared to see how far things get in a few days via social media, or just plain stupid or gross stuff. It’s never been easier to be seen and known by millions of people, and it will only get easier with more and more powerful media. Consider it was once a thing to get your name out by text, like web pages and Twitter. Now we’re on to pics like sharing of pictures via all kinds of media, including what was once for text like Twitter. Already happening is Twitter like video like Vine, never mind all the YouTube that’s been going on for years now. And with a profile on numerous sites possible to link to, or on which to show yourself (i.e. your account for pics, vids), people could find out so much about you all of a sudden.

Sure, it’s a lot more fleeting than some 15 minutes or seconds of fame that used to be, and still is, on TV and radio, but who’s to say it’s not more memorable. How many viral vids and pics do you recall if asked about? And the ones you’re really interested in, people will dig to find out more about you. Also, how many living “famous” people (as in known by many) do you think you can name compared to your Parents at your age? Same sort of idea. If you can name ten times more, because of all the exposure you have to “famous” people, then there are 10X as many “famous” people around. The world population hasn’t increased ten folds in that time. Whatever the actual factor is, it’s far bigger than the population increase. That’s why it’ll be easier to get fame with time.

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