RETROPOP Long Tennis Shorts

pop art fabric

I finally got pictures of me taken in these shorts in the post linked here.

What do you do with a strip of fabulous fabric not big enough to make anything from? You frame it! That’s what you do!

I had this stunning strip of fabric (folded under) with pop art on it that I’ve been waiting for the right inspiration to come along to use. Finally, I found it in the form of some long black tennis shorts that has a full side reserved for it, only needing one side seam on the side in which I carry balls during games. Tennis shorts are made with two pockets so the buyer can use either. However, if you’ve ever played tennis, you’d know you only need one pocket on the side of your weak hand since the racquet is constantly in your other hand. Given these are my own designer tennis shorts, I made them with only the one pocket to leave the other side a full panel so I could show art like this without interrupting the image with a seam.

To avoid “competition” for the image as for what to look at, I made the shorts entirely in black except for the panel.

Black not only frames it nicely, it also stands out on the tennis court where so many people where light or bright colours. Even on the side where you don’t see anything, the black shorts make a small statement of their own. Let’s just say if they had allowed it, John McEnroe probably would have, or at least should have, worn black shorts. He might even tried my Poison shorts that is a statement every time I walk on the court with it. lol

Notice that the panel side makes me look fat. That’s why people, especially women, like to wear a lot of black. However, in the name of art and fashion, I will gladly look a little fat for it, lol. This asymmetric design, though, I can tell you, makes me rather conscious to be “fronting” my right side towards people when I wear these shorts. That’s because on the other side, they’re just the most boring black there is! I needed a seam and pocket there so practicality wise, plain old black with nothing to match or clash at the seams was just great!

With the design and how well I sewed this, I’m going to give it a gold rating! 🙂

So far, reaction to the shorts have been super! Here’s looking forward to more! 🙂

Gold Rating

These shorts are nice except the fabric sample with art on it is a bit delicate to the wash. The black cotton I used wasn’t the greatest, either. It holds up fine but the art is going to lose its shine with lots of washing so I will only be washing these when I have to. But in terms of how they look and feel now to wear, just gold!

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