POISON Tennis Shorts

I’ve been needing some tennis shorts in playing tennis much more often this year, so I made another pair this past weekend.


These were made from the skulls and crossbones spandex I got from Soho in Manhattan, from which I had made my TOXIC long running tights. I had barely enough left to make these shorts. The horizontal cut on the waistband compared to the vertical cut of the rest of the shorts shows the desperation to which I had to resort to get enough fabrics for these shorts. But it’s not like the waist band shows when I play tennis. My club has a dress code that doesn’t allow for men to play shirtless. Very civilized people. 🙂

Nothing on the fabric print lining up was also due lack of any room to cut out the pieces on the fabric. But that’s the way I like to use up my fabric, till there’s next to nothing left I could use!

Sewing details aside that only sewists would care for, these shorts make for a great look when I pair them up with a mostly black top with some white trims, like collar, side stripes and such. I have a few of those.

There aren’t a lot of players who play in mostly black, but that’s going to be a part of my tennis look. I have those DRAGON shorts to start down that path.

Now, if that’s part of my tennis look, what’s the other part, you might ask? Well, that’ll be the crazy colours look. I plan on making another pair of tennis shorts using the same nebula spandex as in these NEBULOUS short running tights I made. I have some comics print tops that razzle dazzle with colours to go with them.

I may go white as summer gets hotter later, but not yet. 🙂

For these POISON tennis shorts, I’ll give them a Silver rating. There are things left to be desired for both the sewing craftsmanship and what the limited fabric forced me to do. However, I played in them tonight. They felt fantastic with how smooth the spandex felt on skin (why I used them for running tights in the first place). The pockets also stretched beautifully when tennis balls are placed in them, being spandex. I didn’t have enough for the regular pockets from the pattern I originally drafted, to be honest, and gambled that the maximum size I could make them would be big enough when stretched by gravity with tennis balls in them. And I won! 🙂

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