TOXIC and GATORSNAKE Long Running Tights

So after having made a good fitting body suit in my NIGHTWING Running Body Suit, I started creating pieces that could be made from it as separate garments. What can you make from a body suit? Well, plenty!

You can make a tight fitting T-shirt for starters, long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve. Or make two long sleeves and cut one off for short sleeves, leaving arm warmers that some runners wear.

You can make long running tights, and cut them off above the knees for short running tights. You can cut the off at crotch length for swimming trunks or triathlon style spandex good for swimming, cycling and running.

You can combine the shorts with a short sleeve or no sleeve top for something like a one piece weightlifting suit that some track runners also wear.

And, of course, you can turn the body suit into something for speed skating, for which we have an oval here in Halifax near my place, and which I am very fond of using during winter.

Goodness! So many possibilities with one fitting pattern!

The only thing left is to make sure I have some cool spandex and/or knits to make these garments that are bound to blow away the competition in any of these venues, cause so much running clothing is black and grey, or just rather plain and uninteresting. Fortunately, I have some cool spandex, and will be getting more soon in New York!

Below are two pairs of long running tights I recently made, as it’s still chilly enough for me here to want to run in long tights. The one I named TOXIC is black, but has white skulls and crossbones on it. I can definitely see people’s eyes looking at them as I run past them in the opposite direction, hehehe. I don’t know what they think of it, but the fact the tights are irresistible to others’ eyes definitely makes me feel I succeeded in designing noticeable garments. From far, they’re still noticeable, albeit it to a very different effect. They look like black with white polka dots from afar, which puts me at one end of the masculinity scale. A bit closer and people might think they’re flowers, which may move me further to that end of the masculinity scale. However, from about 5 metres away, even when I’m flying past running fast, they can see those are skulls and crossbones and that this is one dude who might be fun, but not one to be messing around with! LOL

The GATORSNAKE tights are so oddly named because it seems there was a combination of snake and alligator skin patterns on that spandex. Mind you, it’s silver so I’m not sure people even recognize the pattern. It’s just rather shiny and that some guy is running around in silver tights. I just ran in them for the first time tonight, and there was no shorter of unaverted eyes! Again, what people think I’m not sure, but it’s definitely fun to run around feeling the bottom half of you is reptilian. I just need to get some snake eye contact lens, make some gloves out of the same spandex I’ve got left, and say “Nicccccccccccccccccccce, to ssssssssssssssssssee you” to a bunch of people I see on my run who are with me long enough to properly throw out the phrase.

I’ve got some other pretty funky spandex left so I’m looking forward to getting a running wardrobe I never had cause I could hardly ever find running clothes that could properly be tailored to fit me. Hell, most of my stuff is women’s stuff, being all of 5’2″ and 108 lbs. A runner guy who told me tonight I needed more BMI was definitely right! Every time I go out running, I’m practically cross dressing, if you could tell the runners’ garments I was wearing were women’s. I had women’s wicking T-shirts, women’s spandex that thankfully had lots of give in the crotch. I have a women’s jacket for running I found in the teen girls section in San Francisco Macy’s, rather fortuitously. Definitely have women’s runners, and have had to tell store people before that “I know. I just need women’s shoes.”

Good thing running clothes are relatively unisex, and that women’s stuff actually look better than men’s stuff. I have no problem bragging I dress more fashionably than most guys I see while running, though it’s not like it’s very fashionable at all. However, with my new wardrobe being planned and made, the streets of Halifax are going to be my runway in more ways than one.

Halifax, are you ready for me?

Please click here to see more of my fashion garments and writings on this site. Thank you.

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