You Can Only Sit On The Fence For So Long Without Hurting

Have you ever sat on a fence? If yes, hopefully, it wasn’t a fence with pointed pickets! If not, imagine it. Either way, you would probably agree that it would hurt after a while, with all your weight loaded on to the small surface area that are the tops of those pickets. By chance, English has an idiom of sitting on the fence to mean waiting, which has the exact same outcome.

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A Long Form Census Restoration Joke Meme?

Can someone create a meme about the restoration of the long form Census in Canada?


The new Liberals government under Justin Trudeau just announced they will restore the mandatory long form Census as promised in their campaign, via Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains.

As an analyst, I know the value of this form and what Stephen Harper was trying to do in abolishing it, making sure nobody has any evidence to point to the impact of anything he did while Prime Minister. So today, in celebration of the restoration of the long form Census, I offer up this joke to make sure to send Stephen Harper one of these mandatory forms once I saw the fabulous photo on the CBC.  😉

restore long form census stephen harper justin trudeau

(not sure who to credit the photo as it was only an icon to the story I saw on Facebook)