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Look what Juno just found from the bottom of Jupiter!:)

A little something I created to merge some trending topics.

Look what #juno found on #Jupiter ! #pokemon #pokemongo #halifax #nyc #losangeles #nasa @nasa

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Before I start, let me clearly state this is “food for thought”, or something for you to consider, and not advice! Use your own judgment or take the advice of others. I’m just offering thoughts to consider in case you had not thought of them.

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The concept art for the new Godzilla movie is out. For all the awesome sci-fi and movie creature creations around, I just don’t think this is one of them.

This thing looks like it’s had enough Kentucky Fried Chicken to be in a bucket itself with those plump legs and belly!

It could be the poster child for how far the obesity epidemic has spread!

It needs to go on a diet and scale down on the size of cities it eats!

That belly is more frightening than the tiny head on this thing!

What do you think?

godzilla concept art


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