Congratulations, America! And Beware of History, Tronald Dump!

Wow! Where did this wind just suddenly come from?

Wait, that’s no wind. That’s a win, and that’s the American people, and global citizens, reacting to the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory in the US election!

Congratulations, Joe, Kamala, and citizens of the world!!!

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Why Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Could Be His Own Fake News

It’s so sad that the first thought I had when I heard of Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis was that it was a convenient lie to bolster many of his agendas, his own “fake news”, if you will. What’s sadder, though, is that we have not only someone willing and capable of doing this, but that someone is leading the United States of America. Furthermore, what’s saddest is that it is to try and usurp one of our most cherished institutions – democracy.

So what has the farting Trumpeter got to gain by faking a COVID-19 diagnosis? Let me count the ways:

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USA WILL Have MORE COVID-19 Cases than Rest of the World Combined One Day

The US flew past 100,000 COVID-19 cases today, just a day after passing China’s total of about 81,000. It’s at 104,000 as I write this.

With world totals at 596,000 cases at this time, the US has 17.4% of the world’s cases, and the US has barely started climbing “the curve” that won’t be flattening any time soon!

To have more than the rest of the world, the US needs to hit 50.01% of world totals. That doesn’t seem a stretch, to be honest, the way the US rates are climbing and knowing how they are still far behind in testing all the people they should.

The math isn’t that hard to see. One day soon enough, the US WILL have more COVID-19 cases than the rest of the world combined.

It’s just a matter of when… not if, very sadly.

Interactive Tableau Viz for COVID-19 PREVALENCE Among Canadian Provinces

COVID-19 numbers are reported by number cases, which is good to know, but hard to compare when you have populations that are vastly different. You can’t just compare the US numbers to the Chinese numbers given the Chinese population is roughly 4.25X the US population. That’s partly why it’s crazy that the US COVID-19 numbers are already surpassing the Chinese numbers, and just within a few week of when things started getting serious! You’d be looking at like 350,000 cases in China if the same thing were happening, not 80,000!!!

Being able to compare by prevalence, or how widespread something is “per capita” of a population, is why I made this Tableau viz for a better comparison. I started with just the Canadian provinces, though, due to less complicated data. I will be back with one for global data by the end of this upcoming weekend, I hope, and will link it here.

Looking at the Canadian data, I see that my little province of Nova Scotia, with about 0.95 million people, is doing worse than the big province of Ontario that is shutting down more than we are. That said, they should be, because the potential for maximum damage that can be done for them is like 10X that for us, especially with potential hot spots of huge populations like the city of Toronto.

Prevalence won’t tell you that story, no. But neither will case totals. However, what prevalence will still tell you is your general odds of a sudden exponential growth. Nova Scotia, as small in comparison to Ontario as it might be, has enough concentrated population centers that our current higher odds of an outbreak compared to Ontario will make us more susceptible to one than they are, and one with devastating enough damage to be feared, even if not an utterly catastrophic one like Toronto might see. In that sense, having prevalence awareness is highly useful, and frames things in a useful context that should be part of the whole picture, but one that I haven’t really seen reported anywhere… which is why I went to make the graphic myself.