Live Updated List of the Thousands of New Words and Terms I am Learning in 2020

If you like to learn about new words and terms, you might want to revisit this page from time to time as the content in the embedded Google Sheets above gets updated daily.

I was on an exciting learning streak in the last half of 2019, studying up on world art history, listening to many mind-opening podcasts, and more! In that journey, I was learning quite a lot of new words and terms. I knew I would forget many of them, just from lack of use and the human inability to remember everything, so I documented them for my records in my own spreadsheet.

In 2020, I decided to continue the same journey, with expansion to share that learning for others who might be interested, or entertained by, some of the myriad of topics I learned about this year. Of the many ways I could have documented these newly learned words and terms, I chose to share online, and specifically Twitter, because it was:

  • Accessible any time I could get access to the Internet,
  • Shareable with anybody else easily enough in case they were interested,
  • “Chatty” with text (rather than pictures or other content), where posting a lot is “nothing”, unlike some other social media platforms.

My original goal this year was to average 3 words per day, through which I could post the tweets here, with definitions and commentary I often don’t have space for on Twitter. That was manageable, until I ended up averaging about 12 new words or terms per day learned! I just couldn’t keep up doing more detailed posts on these tweets like I did to start this year!

As a result, I have decided to share the Google Sheets document where I keep all the new words and terms, and their definitions, with one general classification for each word to help see similar words. The classification is very debatable at times, because I don’t give a lot of thought to it, so don’t get hung up on it. It’s just a way to see similar words

As I learn more, I’ll post the latest words at top to save repeat visitors from scrolling much, like they would have to if I posted new words at the bottom. If you enjoy learning new words, and terms, and often pretty cool concepts that come with them, please revisit this post from time to time, or my Twitter feed where you can also see links from where I learned these words and terms! Too time consuming to also document in this spreadsheet. Maybe next year.

Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy some of my vocabulary learning this year!

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