Why Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Could Be His Own Fake News

It’s so sad that the first thought I had when I heard of Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis was that it was a convenient lie to bolster many of his agendas, his own “fake news”, if you will. What’s sadder, though, is that we have not only someone willing and capable of doing this, but that someone is leading the United States of America. Furthermore, what’s saddest is that it is to try and usurp one of our most cherished institutions – democracy.

So what has the farting Trumpeter got to gain by faking a COVID-19 diagnosis? Let me count the ways:

  1. He could have an excuse to miss the next Presidential debate, which he sucks at and will suck more at with a proper moderator to let Joe Biden finish not only his sentences, but his whole thought!
  2. He could use missed debates as a way to justify postponing the election, saying he had not been given a fair chance.
  3. And should he lose the election and actually gives up power peacefully, he could use missed campaign time as an excuse for losing.
  4. He would, of course, “survive” it well and brush it off as nothing to justify his poor management of the pandemic as adequate, as well as mock anyone sick or having died from it as being “weak”, unlike him who “survived” it.
  5. He could use the illness to try and get some sympathy votes from the undecided.
  6. He is already using it to pause and divert the election conversation, with distraction having been his greatest weapon since he got into politics in today’s short attention span world, with his case getting worse over the next few weeks to the degree needed to create sufficient distraction.

Seriously, from Tronald Dump, I’m not expecting anything less and may even take a day to be convinced he really did die from COVID-19 if it were to come to that! Rising from the dead will no doubt get him a few votes, and he knows he’s going to need every single one, along with maybe a bunch of strategically manufactured ones like from the last election, to win and make America irate again!

So go ahead Mr. Dump, die from COVID-19 and prove to us you really had it. There’d be fewer better forms of karma to befall you except for something that would bestow you with a speech impediment you can’t fix… like Parkinson’s disease.

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