How to Enable (Get Back) the Classic Editor in

I got my first taste of the new editor today, and I spat it out faster than the worst food I had ever tasted! Blah!

I had devised a solution below that is still good for editing old posts, but a reader who goes by Suso SM shared with me an even better solution for new posts. Thanks, Suso SM! Here was his solution:

  1. Copy the entire coloured URL below and paste into a new browser window, but do NOT hit Enter
  2. Change the text in red bold italics to whatever your site name is your WordPress account. You should be able to see that once you log in (and choose your site if you had more than one to your account).
  3. Now hit ENTER, and you’ll be prompted for a new post in the Classic WP Editor! If not, please check your site name you substituted in red. Everything should be the same until, or unless, WP takes away the Classic Editor or changes how to access it.
  4. I would also recommend bookmarking the URL if it works so you don’t have to do this every time, even if you didn’t post a lot.

Thanks so much Suso SM!

As for editing old posts in the Classic Editor, you can try the way below.

How to Enable Classic Editor (click to enlarge)

  • Go to your WP Admin page. I have this as a bookmark on my Favourites Bar in my browser. If you didn’t and published to any frequent extent, you may want to consider it now.
  • Hover your mouse over Posts in the left hand menu. This should open a submenu with All Posts as a choice.
  • Click on All Posts. This will show your most recent posts, drafts, and/or scheduled posts, of course, just like in my photo above.
  • Mouseover your post title you want to edit. This will give you some editing choices like in the photo, one of which will be Classic Editor. When you click on that, it will take you to the Classic Editor, which I am working with now as I type this post. There is a pop up dissuading you from it, but you’d get the same pop up every time you made a block a Classic Block in the new Block editor anyway, so this is nothing!

Then edit away and post as before! Happy WordPress editing!

8 thoughts on “How to Enable (Get Back) the Classic Editor in

  1. […] Looking online for ways to get back to the Classic Editor, all I found was crap, unfortunately. If there were a good answer out there, it certainly didn’t rise to the top of my Google searches. All kinds of bad advice about converting every freaking block to a Classic Block, each time with a prompt to dissuade you from using it, if not by narrative then by annoyance! Some suggested changing a theme like your image and identify wasn’t worth anything, and I’m not convinced it worked! It was all crap! {How to Enable (Get Back) the Classic Editor in} […]

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