Self-driving Cars will Be for Sex Ultimately

If you didn’t have enough time to have sex in your life, or energy at the right time, you might soon be in luck with the arrival of self-driving vehicles, or AVs for Autonomous Vehicles. If you weren’t looking for more scenarios in which you might be pressured into sex, then don’t buy one. AVs are essentially private rooms on wheels. So long as you don’t mind giving away a hint you were having sex on them with a bopping car, like the happy car during the morning or evening commute, it’s the ideal place for frequent sex outside a home. That’s not including times for when you’ll opt out of a hotel or motel room on your travels as AVs will deprive tourist accommodations of clients and income in the near future.

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Nuke a Place in a New, Scientific, Nuclear Blast Simulator

With a lot of population and geographic population distribution data out there today, Outrider has created a nuclear blast simulator where you can nuke any place you like, with one of four nuclear weapon types! The idea is not to be morbid, or take out any aggression here. Just to be aware of what nuclear war could entail.

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