Tomlov G1200 7″ LCD Digital Microscope First Impressions

I haven’t written in a while, prose or poetry, because I’ve been preoccupied with a few other things. One is time sensitive, which is learning about investing, so the market won’t make a correction before I am ready to jump in. The other is not, which is taking my interest in artistic photography of the microscopic to another level to get some prints in the future. For that, I have gotten myself a portable digital microscope capable of producing 12 megapixel images, with this Tomlov G1200 7″ LCD Digital Microscope.

It’s not what you’d call a serious microscope, but for artistic photography, if it worked sufficiently well, it’d be all that I need. I haven’t had the chance to set up things ideally to fairly show what it can and cannot do, but in response to someone who asked, I thought I’d at least give some first impressions.


What I Liked

  • There are lots of photographic settings like a decent camera, including exposure, ISO, hand shake compensation, 1-12 Mp photo size (along with video capabilities that you can check out the specs in the link above to get). There are options for date and time stamps, image scroll through, and such, too, so all those features are great and impressive, with many “auto” options to optimize things for you so you don’t need to be a photography expert to use!
  • Menus are intuitive.
  • Focus knob is wide ranging for lots of sensitivity, and it should be clarified if not known, that there is no “zoom” on the lens. The zoom is done by moving the microscope closer to or further from the object, then refocusing.
  • 32 GB flashcard can store a ton of photos because even at 12 Mp, the JPG format leaves them at about 1 Mb each so about 30,000 photos. Videos take up a lot more space, though, so the card is practical for that instead of excessive for the photos. It can take at 64 GB card, at least.
  • Quite light despite the 7″ monitor that is bigger than my phone but lighter, and all in one unlike the $50-ish (Cdn) wireless microscope I had before that relies on my phone (and its battery) for use to click and take photos. These microscopes aren’t meant to be point and shoot like a camera or microphone seeking sound, then snapped to get a picture, but that’s how I mostly use them to get interesting angles on things rather than just the drone top down view that’s quite uninteresting. See some photos in that Instagram above to see what I mean. But if you just want to use it on a stand to see small things you work on in bigger detail, or slides like a traditional microscope viewed from above, then it should be quite fine.
  • The wireless portability, of course, but not all of the similar microscopes are wireless.


What I’ll Find Challenging

  • Unlike the portable microscope I had before, the photo capture button is on this microscope. With the phone, it was possibly two handed coordination, if I could not secure the microscope in trying to capture whatever photo I am after. However, if I could secure the microscope, there was no shake in capturing the picture because I didn’t have to touch the microscope. That’s not true here. While it’s a soft click, it is force on to the microscope, where the slightest movement could motion blur things just enough to ruin the shot. While the actual zoom isn’t anywhere near the 1200X max like it says (that’s digital zoom to be able to enlarge something that much with the 12 Mp for screens at 72 dpi, not 1200X onto the 7″ monitor), it’s still enough to be challenging to get your crisp shots. I got a few to know it’s possible, by holding the microscope against a surface, pushing a bit down on it to stabilize it, then push the button, but trying to capture something move like bees that I could do with my other microscope, I’ll have to test that out maybe next weekend. It’s going to be a challenge, for sure, though. If only they had a touch sensitive button, like a touch screen, where one might normally have their hands, instead of a mechanical button not in the easiest of places to reach, it’d be perfect. But as said, it’s not intended to be used the way I am using it so it’s not a totally fair complaint, but it’s legit because I can do it with my other portable microscope.
  • If you don’t have a microSD card reader on your computer, transferring images could be challenging. You probably don’t want to constantly pop the microSD card in and out of your phone or tablet to post pics, but that’s another difference with this microscope compared to my other one. The other one took photos on a phone or tablet via an app, and stored them there for editing and posting. Seamless and easy transition. This one is manual, and it’s going to be annoying to transfer file to my computer, edit there, and move to a Google Drive or something to get to a tablet to be able to post.

So that’s my first impressions. I’ll follow up later with another post here once I have more posts on Instagram, but really, if you want to get the real impression, all you’ll need to do is follow that micro_angelo IG account and see pics there that will speak for themselves.

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