Clap Laugh, Claplaugh, Laugh Clap, and/or Laughclap I heard about British diver Tom Daley knitting and crocheting in the stands at the Tokyo Olympics, I did what I suspect a lot of people did as the story has gone viral. I clap laughed. That is, I enjoyed the story and thought so much I was clapping while I was laughing, like applauding him for it while getting enough of a kick from it I was laughing. Except there was one little problem. “Clap laugh” isn’t a proper term, apparently! A DuckDuckGo search for “clap laugh” with quotations to show results of those exact words and spacing, as well as that for “claplaugh” as one word, showed nothing! A Google search showed a few GIFs under the term, some as “laugh clap”. But you know what, for the unofficiality that this is, I’ll stake claim to it!


If it weren’t that serial enough to show up on just one obscure location online, that’s close enough in my books cause as I use it, people will know what I mean, and probably think I just used slang they hadn’t heard of, but nobody I know will likely have heard of it officially if they really thought about it cause slangs to any extent of popularity would be online now. They got sights like the Urban Dictionary for that sort of stuff! Well, unofficially, clap laugh as now or verb, or laugh clap, and likewise the variations of claplaugh and laughclap, are mine!



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