Sex with Neanderthals?

I was going to write about something else today. Honestly. Yet, after I read this BBC “Future” article on sex with Neanderthals, I couldn’t resist just writing some reaction commentary and saving my idea for today for another day. Naturally, this article contains some potentially NSFW (not safe for work) content. There’s also some mature subject matter. However, it’s not like prehistoric erotica, though the thought of it as a genre is amusing, to be sure. Nor does this post contain anything like sexual techniques, ancient or modern. And there is definitely no intercourse descriptions, but readers may be helpless to engage in such imaginings based on what they read. Rather, it’s more about weird animal sex facts that were in the article, along with other eye opening items not in the form of eye candy, but maybe i-candy, where “i” is for imagination. So that’s my warning for anyone regarding this article’s content. If you choose to read more, then that’s your fault if you hit something you don’t like. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Why Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Could Be His Own Fake News

It’s so sad that the first thought I had when I heard of Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis was that it was a convenient lie to bolster many of his agendas, his own “fake news”, if you will. What’s sadder, though, is that we have not only someone willing and capable of doing this, but that someone is leading the United States of America. Furthermore, what’s saddest is that it is to try and usurp one of our most cherished institutions – democracy.

So what has the farting Trumpeter got to gain by faking a COVID-19 diagnosis? Let me count the ways:

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Donald Trump Bans Arabic Numbers Citing Bad Influence!

trumpvDonald Trump signed an Executive Order today to ban the use of all Arabic numbers in American media and schools! Those numbers would be numbers the ones you and I know, with the digits 0 to 9. I can write them cause I’m in Canada, out of reach of his madness.

But yes. The Donald has banned all use of Arabic numbers, citing bad influence by Arabic culture on Americans. From now on, everything numerical will have to be displayed in Roman numerals, like the V representing Arabic number 5 that the Trumpster is demonstrating in the picture at right, cause it’s superior since it was invented by a culture that was mostly white, even though they weren’t mostly Christian. However, they had some features useful for his propaganda so he used them hoping the people would be stupid enough to believe it like they have believed so many other things he has said so far.