My NEBULOUS Short Running Tights

Running gear is so boring, yet spandex can be so crazy, even if most of the crazy stuff isn’t the “proper” wicking kind for running gear. But from my experience, the wicking stuff ain’t all that great unless you’re gonna be standing around in cold weather after you’re done your run without additional clothing. It’s not like a lot of the spandex holds a lot of water. For this reason, I have committed myself to making the most interesting running wardrobe in at least Canada, for myself! I already have the NIGHTWING body suit and GATORSNAKE and TOXIC long tights for starters. Given summer is coming, though, I needed short running tights and I came up with these NEBULOUS tights below.

NEBULOUS Short Tights

NEBULOUS Short Tights

I got the nebula spandex in Los Angeles’ Fashion District for pretty cheap, probably like $5 a yard. A lot of stuff is cheap there if you stick to the smaller shops. I LOVE all the crazy colours and imagery on this spandex, which is pretty soft and thin, but not too thin so as to have Lululemon pants see through malfunctions. Running in these things, there is practically no spandex resistance as I move, unless other running spandex where I can feel it resist the extremes of my motion.

The repeating pattern on this spandex covers a fairly small area, actually, that I could match at the seams without wasting much. Yet, it looks far ranging because of all the colours, like it doesn’t repeat much, and because it’s an image of space, which we psychologically think of as expansive. It is, but you could repeat pattern blocks and it would still look expansive.

Now, myself, I like the planets and some of the cooler areas on this pattern. So that’s what I put at the centre of the panels in this four panel piece. However, what I ended up with was a supernova going off over my front crotch! lol

Embarrassing, perhaps, but then, I thought, it’s actually a LOT better than if that supernova was going off over my back crotch!!! LOL

Well, I did say most “interesting” was how I wanted my running wardrobe to be. Not nicest, or most glamorous or most attractive or anything of the sort. “Interesting” has a lot of latitude, and I’ll probably take advantage of all of it, too!

Now, I just need to make some garments that match some of these crazy running garments. That’s gonna be hard cause not much goes with any of these things besides themselves. Fortunately, black goes with just about anything, and I’ve got plenty of that!

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4 thoughts on “My NEBULOUS Short Running Tights

    • Haha! Thank you! It feels fantastic to run in them, not just for comfort, but knowing I’m sporting fun athletic wear… and LOTs of people look at them, too. You can see by their eyes as you go by. Some smile, some don’t. 🙂

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