These are some fun pictures I recently got taken of me in some rather unconventional looking, and engineered tennis shorts I made almost a few years back, with posts writing about them linked in the headers except for the Warhol shorts, which are new to this blog.

RETROPOP Tennis Shorts

RETROPOP Tennis Shorts

WARHOL Tennis Shorts

WARHOL Tennis shorts

I have never posted about these shorts so this one is new to the blog.

I had two sample pieces of fabric with the famous Andy Warhol paintings of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. That’s all I had, which wasn’t enough for much so I came up with these shorts where the rest of it was black so the prints were the only things to see on them. They’re not highly saturated, but you can talk to Andy about that if that bothered you. 😉

With two panels on the side, there was no room for a side pocket so the only pocket I put in these shorts was one hanging on the inside the waistline. Not great for tennis, but great for protecting against pick pockets. 🙂

SILVER rating for this one on the shortcomings mentioned above.

BJORN Tennis Shorts

BJORN Shorts

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