BJORN Tennis Shorts

BJORN Tennis Shorts (Front)

BJORN Tennis Shorts (front)

I finally got pictures of me taken in these shorts in the post linked here.

Last summer, a lady at St George’s tennis club gave me an old brown T-shirt with the Bjorn Borg kneeling victory celebration silhouette in white logo (see pic). I guess she thought I could fit it but it was too big for me, so I got this idea to use that logo and fabric in a pair of tennis shorts highlighting that logo. They’re be like long beach or basketball shorts except I’d use them for tennis given that Bjorn Borg tennis player logo. Like my trademark tennis shorts, they’d also only have one pocket opposite my serving side to hold balls, since the serving arm always has the racquet in hand.

BJORN Tennis Shorts (back)

BJORN Tennis Shorts (back)

The design had to highlight that logo because there wasn’t enough fabric on that old T-shirt to make long tennis shorts out of them. As a result, I went to buy a 2XL muscle T-shirt for $5 to get the missing pieces in the shorts design as you see it.

The way the logo was located on the T-shirt, high on the chest, there was only one way I could piece things together for this design, as you see in the pictures. The T-shirt didn’t even have enough for a front side given how I had to cut around the logo, so part of the front right is even in black. However, I like that asymmetry as it’s my trademark in design, after all. I counter balanced with the black left being from the old T-shirt so that there’s a tiny little something interesting to notice from the back rather than just black shorts.

I’ll probably wear a mostly white top with these shorts to match my racquet. Yes, I said match my racquet. I have a HEAD racquet that is black, white and copper. Not quite dark brown like here, but it’s the best I can do.

As a final note, I’d have called this the Borg shorts, after Bjorn’s last name as most people might have. However, being a big Star Trek fan, I wouldn’t put it beyond me to have a BORG named garment one day so I’ll save that BORG name for later. The Borgs don’t have a first or alternative name like Bjorn Borg does. 🙂

Well, “Collective” doesn’t sound that interesting. So BJORN shorts it is!

By the way, now that I know I can make shorts from 2XL T-shirts, any time I find one with a cool design on it, guess what I’ll be buying it for! 😉

It will more than ease the pain of not being able to find a youth size my 5’2″ 108 lbs frame can fit into cause ain’t nobody gonna be having shorts like those once I get them done!

Silver Rating

Nothing too exciting here for a garment except for an improvised idea and a unique design with the old logo suited to the purpose (tennis). Colours aren’t great, nor material, though, so I’ll give it a silver rating.

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