BJORN Tennis Shorts

BJORN Tennis Shorts (Front)

BJORN Tennis Shorts (front)

I finally got pictures of me taken in these shorts in the post linked here.

Last summer, a lady at St George’s tennis club gave me an old brown T-shirt with the Bjorn Borg kneeling victory celebration silhouette in white logo (see pic). I guess she thought I could fit it but it was too big for me, so I got this idea to use that logo and fabric in a pair of tennis shorts highlighting that logo. They’re be like long beach or basketball shorts except I’d use them for tennis given that Bjorn Borg tennis player logo. Like my trademark tennis shorts, they’d also only have one pocket opposite my serving side to hold balls, since the serving arm always has the racquet in hand.

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The TOILE Dress Shirt

Convinced I was only one draft away from the shell pattern from which I would create many of my dress shirts, I went for it on this draft as if I had the final pattern. In case I was wrong, and I have been several times on this adventure already, I just did a design without yokes, appliques or other detailing. Never one to miss an opportunity, though, I picked out the only toile that I had to create a design where I had to line up a picture across the front seam. I also did it on the left body seam, being my weaker arm that doesn’t move as much as my right that exposes the lined up right seam. I couldn’t line up all seams, though since that would have required the pattern repetition to be ideal for my upper body pattern circumference.

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