This dress shirt is meant to evoke calmness and stability with its hunter green, white and medium brown colour scheme inspired by trees of the evergreen forest. And like the evergreen trees, the buttons used has a little bit of wood on it.

Evergreen Dress Shirt

With those wooden and brass buttons, I didn’t want to put them on white for the cuffs like with the collar, so I made the cuffs green rather than white like I usually like them. Collars differing from the yoke just look like a collar on an animal to me, so I had no choice putting the button on white for the collar.

On the cuffs, I didn’t like the green and brown touching without any white near it, though, so I put a V band in white between the two colours. The V is a bit like the V of Chevy cars in the 1950s, fading almost to no thickness on the ends while being thicker in the middle. That V will be making an appearance on the yokes in future dress shirts.

I wore sky blue pants with this dress shirt as a four colour combination, but I’d probably go grey if so. I had just worn my grey pants the day before this picture, though, so I didn’t want to wear them again. For three colours, pants would have to be of white, hunter green or brown. I only have white pants as of this moment, but it looked too bright to detract from the otherwise calm colour scheme of the top. But if I were just going for colour, there are most other light and/or bright colours would go well next to that beautiful hunter green.


I am quite fond of this shirt so I will give it gold. I just love the colours and colour cuff. While this design, along with others in the uniform style work wardrobe I am making, shows no asymmetry that is my trademark, the green twill and white gabardine all have their ribbings running the same way front and back. The slightest of asymmetry, if you will. The sleeves are suede because that was the only decent brown I had or could find. Things are so limited in Halifax for fabrics!

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