Double Standards Quote

“Double standards are fine as long as the one you hold yourself to is tougher”

double standards quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan Other quotes by me I used to be of the mindset double standards were hypocritical, but then I started making this exception for myself so as not to be like others in some situations. So I had to adjust my long held views appropriately. There are many¬†things I don’t allow for double standards, though. This is only where I allow double standards in my life, not for every situation!

Also, I chose the comparative term of “tougher” rather than “higher”, as commonly used for comparing standards (i.e. higher standards) because “higher” doesn’t reflect the reality of what I’m trying to say. It sounds rather perched somewhere looking down. This is about doing something tougher, harder. That will probably get you to a higher place, level, whatever, but this is more than just perceiving yourself to be better. This is doing!

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