My New Work Uniform Look

I’ve been working on a new look for work because the dress shirts I had been making to this point were of fabric that was just too tedious to iron all the time. I was going to save time making a new wardrobe instead of ironing all the old stuff all the time! Finally have my new look close enough to what I want to start mass producing similar versions. I work for the government so I need something with not a lot of razzle and dazzle, and something that looked professional even though it wasn’t going to be the conventional tucked in shirt and dress pants look. This was what I came up with.

It’s a simple tunic look with a little highlight here and there, often offset a little bit, if there were anything to offset, to keep my asymmetric trademark look. So far, I only have some stripes for highlights, but I’ll come up with more things like epaulettes, cuffs and nice buttons that I’ll put on the almost black navy outfit to the left of the triplet set shown at right.

It ain’t the traditional dress shirt, dress pants and maybe tie look, but I’ll tell you, I don’t think I look any less professional or serious than anybody in these things given how generic some of the dress shirts worn by people are!

The tricky thing with doing an outfit like this was not to make the tunic bottom look like a skirt. It’s harder when you’re a guy like me who has hips from all the running I’ve done over the years. My hip profile could probably pass for a woman’s in some people’s eyes. Getting the right sized waist was the trick to the whole thing. Too little and the bottom looked like a skirt. Too big and I looked fatter and shorter than I was. It took me four almost identical versions to get it right enough for me, but it was totally worth it to me to wear it without that lingering thought on my mind that the tunic top wasn’t quite the optimal shape.

Let the mass production begin cause I need a whole wardrobe of these outfits so as not to have to do laundry every week… or two! 😉

Gold Rating

After all that work to get things right, I could only give these outfits a gold rating for how happy I am with them for fit and quality. Now, if I could only find more nice fabrics for men in Halifax that are easy to take care of, I’d be all set!

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