Just a Blog Identity Tweak This Time

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Most blogs have a theme to them. If you hadn’t noticed, this blog is like a repository for all kinds of things I write, and create for people to use, except my poetry that has its own dedicated blog to keep things “organized” for me. At times, I have changed the blog tagline to indicate a themed phase I might have been in, which would have made no sense for all the people visiting for previous content because those changes tended to be big. Themes have ranged, in no particular order, from writings, to fashion, personal tests, art, screen wallpapers, Facebook associated stuff, new vocabulary learned, and most recently back to creative writings on my two year journey to do writing more seriously. Less than three months into that journey, I have refined the focus to change the blog identity again, but only with a tweak this time.

Instead of commentary, contemplations, and other creative writings, I have decided to focus on writing vignettes. That is, it’s still the same as before. I’m just going to do it via a very specific style of short vignettes, trying to keep a similar tone when I can, rather than something sounding more like an essay, or full story, and such. As these are “warm-up” writings for my more serious writing I want to enter in competitions, which I cannot post prior to competition results, I had set a 500 word limit to hit so as to just write more freely in warming up. However, I feel I don’t even need that now so if it happens my “warm-up” on a certain day were only going to be a mere hundred words or so, then so be it. I will have gotten what I needed written and just transition to my more serious writing then. However, if I wanted or needed to write twenty-one hundred words, I will do that, too!

So as of today, for at least the rest of 2021, this blog’s identity will be tweaked from a variety of creative writings, to creative writing vignettes. Actually, I think just “writing vignettes” will do. People can figure out the “creative” part without me telling them so. Besides, what would people think I would be posting for writing vignettes? Others’ writing vignettes?



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