Earthlings of about eight billion

Ever-changing chameleons

Trying to blend in with others

Trying to stand out from others

Trying to find their true colours

Trying to be other colours

Trying unnatural colours

Trying impossible colours

Trying to achieve some balance

Trying to maintain that balance

All at once

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Just a Blog Identity Tweak This Time blogs have a theme to them. If you hadn’t noticed, this blog is like a repository for all kinds of things I write, and create for people to use, except my poetry that has its own dedicated blog to keep things “organized” for me. At times, I have changed the blog tagline to indicate a themed phase I might have been in, which would have made no sense for all the people visiting for previous content because those changes tended to be big. Themes have ranged, in no particular order, from writings, to fashion, personal tests, art, screen wallpapers, Facebook associated stuff, new vocabulary learned, and most recently back to creative writings on my two year journey to do writing more seriously. Less than three months into that journey, I have refined the focus to change the blog identity again, but only with a tweak this time.

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Celebrity Mister Men and Little Miss Challenge

Share your answers as a Comment that identify celebrities you think fits each Mister/Miss best or well.

  • Do for as many or few characters as you care to, with more than one celebrity per character allowed.
  • Come back and add more as you think of more, or see what others thought!
  • Copy the text to the right of the picture and paste in Comments to avoid typing out the names.
  • Identifying yourself to a character is optional.
  • Naming people you know is not recommended. That is for a Facebook meme going on.
  • Use this for Facebook, if you like, by downloading graphic below and uploading to your Facebook.
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Please click here for a complete list of over 100  Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.

Memes converted to English as a Second/Foreign Language exercises.

What Does Your Online Footprint Say About You?

Ashley Alexandra Dupré and Joe the Plumber

Ashley Alexandra Dupré and Joe the Plumber

So, you’re going about your daily life, whatever that may involve. Maybe it’s newsworthy, if people only knew about it, like was with call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupré. Maybe it isn’t, like with Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. But you’ve been able to bask in relative anonymity, even if you were trying to make yourself well-known.

Then a black swan or large-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event beyond the realm of normal expectations hits you.

You’re suddenly big news, like Ashley not just being another call girl, but one who serviced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Or Sammy Wurz-his-name becoming Joe the Plumber. Or maybe you were an innocent victim of a drive by shooting, or somebody pulled out of a natural disaster. The news media gets a hold of your name and puts it out in brief of a developing story, while they scramble for ways to find out more about you. People want to know more and go to the Internet to look up a story about you.

What are they going to find out about you on the Internet? I see Ashley’s MySpace music profile the media grabbed so quickly has over 12.4 million views now and over 5.3 million plays of her now removed songs. That’s one way to get fame for your song, I suppose.

What is that going to say about you?

What might they find about you that’s not really you but may be plausible enough people might think it were you or your doing?

Have you Googled yourself recently to find out? Did you try by name or name and/or something strongly associated with you like your employer or city in which you live to parse out all the other Joe or Jane MacDonalds out there?

What did you find?

What did you think of it?

How much do you and don’t you like it?

Have you ever thought about any of this stuff?

I have, and I Google myself once every few months or so just to make sure. I don’t like all the results I see, nor the impression some leave. I can’t do anything about some like a store that has my name as its domain. Considering I have a rare name in Western culture, it might convince some people I have a side business. My various blogging in the past probably give the impression I’m online WAY too much when I actually tend to do it during my TV and dining times, living alone without family. Think of how much time that is in your life and see what I mean. I’m sure I haven’t said all the most proper things online, either, but I’m convinced I’ve demonstrated more than enough of my good side to counter the bad.

Still, the media would pull out all the sketchy stuff, and the point is I don’t get to explain it like I just did here!

But what about you? How much can you recall of your online footprint and what are you answers to those questions above?

Do you know about things you might want to know like how people can still easily track you down despite all the cryptic usernames and such you use to visit various sites with?

Maybe you won’t have much, pending what generation you are in most likely. But if you do, maybe the more important question is can you do anything about it to help it?

This might not be a bad exercise for you to go through if you’ve never thought about it. And I think you might be surprised what might be out there since it’s not necessarily just your doing that might influence this. How many friends do you have with things like Facebook profiles or blogs and such that might have mentioned you, for example?

Have you electronically sent anything potentially negative about yourself to anyone you can recall, like photos of bad gestures or explicit in nature in some way?

Any negative newspaper or other media stories you’ve been in of late?

This same sort of thing is what cyber-bullying is sometimes based on, information others have of you that is your best interest not to have spread around. And online, things spread far faster to more people in further reaches than ever before.

How ready are you for your 15 minutes of fame and might it be infamy just on your online past?

Just some things to think about.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.8


25 Things For Facebook You Can’t Steal My ID With

Just last week, I bemused the 25 Interesting Things About You meme currently raging on Facebook and how that was so convenient for stealing your identity. I had resisted and still have. However, since then, I’ve been tagged a bunch of times and I thought to myself, I’m a man of answers. Is there someway I can do this so as not to be virtually-anti-social but not fall into the same trap? Well, of course I can. This isn’t rocket science, or even the more difficult to understand social science. This was just a little common sense, and I do have some.

So here goes my 25 things list, which I am blogging so as not to have to tag 25 people and lure them into doing something I considered risk conducive. Yes, I know blogging leaves me vulnerable to the world outside the Facebook walled garden, but I’m going to put 25 life philosophies in which I whole-heartedly believe and live out. You can decide if they are interesting or not. I think they are, if only because I’m not sure many people would agree with me.

So why do I think sharing my life philosophies to be safe considering it is the absolute core of me? As far as I’m concerned, philosophy doesn’t beget one much materially. Ask any philosophy student the direct usefulness of his/her philosophy degree. It either begets you spirituality or insanity, and so far, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had more of the former. Besides, if you live with a good portion of these philosophies, you would never want or need to steal anybody’s ID. You’d be happy with yourself and your life the way it is and the way it is currently changing.

  1. The best thing you can give someone, including yourself, is a chance.
  2. Failure is not about falling down… it’s about not getting back up.
  3. Common sense is anything but common.
  4. Humans are horrible at predicting the future.
  5. Humans more often than not don’t truly know what they want except choice.
  6. Humans are ultimately predictable because we are creatures of habit.
  7. Everything is relative.
  8. Balance is dynamic multi-dimensional equality.
  9. In balance lies happiness, but there is no balance in happiness.
  10. Balance means having both pieces of each set of opposites.
  11. If you have a chip on your shoulder, make sure you also have one on the other shoulder.
  12. One should be self-contradictory to attain balance, but only like an opposable thumb to four fingers.
  13. To fully truly appreciate something, one must have experienced its opposite.
  14. Analogies are the best ways to appreciate something you can’t fully truly appreciate.
  15. There is an answer for everything, but not a perfect answer for anything.
  16. Complexity and simplicity are causes of each other.
  17. Experts only close doors (especially self-proclaimed ones who close one more).
  18. Practice kaizen: the art of constant self-improvement.
  19. Everything is a skill that can be learned, with talent only being a learning advantage.
  20. Don’t get back at people because karma always does a far better job.
  21. Everything that happens to me happens for a great reason, whether I know it then or not.
  22. Everything done will mean more later.  [ my six-word memoir ]
  23. Have as many reasons as you can each day to get up in the morning.
  24. The brain is incredibly adaptable to change, but the mind is naturally resistant to it.
  25. Universals are for things, while variety is for people.
  26. Erring is the best form of learning

(bonus 26th cause I’m a 26 kind of guy in being a multi-marathon runner).

Hmmm. I think I’ve got 25 blog posts on my hands to discuss each of these!

But hey, when does the 100 Interesting Things About You meme come out on Facebook? I’m sure I can add another 75!

What are some of your life philosophies?

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Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 5.3