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This is the listing of all the 127 Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use to tag your friends, on Facebook or other platforms that allow for tagging of people like MySpace and LiveJournal. I created some of the memes in the list below, while others I improved upon to post.

I also have profile pics for Facebook, some of which are square and can also be used as avatars and buddy icons, listed at the bottom.

Comments and suggestions welcomed. Thank you. Enjoy!

Top 10 style Facebook tagging memes I created

Determine the 10 Facebook friends you have who are the most or least of some trait. These are bound to bruise some egos so be careful using them!

Facebook 2.0 picture tagging memes I created

Requires real life action with real life outcomes.

Facebook tagging challenges

Where you need to prove something to tag someone, or else they’ll definitely let you know!

  • Alphabet name (2, identify friends whose name begins with as many letters of the alphabet as you can)
  • Baseball fans (5, identify fans of as many teams as you can in the AL, NL, MBL, Nippon, Korea)
  • Basketball fans (3, identify fans of as many teams as you can in the NBA, WNBA, PBL)
  • Football fans (4, identify fans of as many teams as you can in the NFL, CFL, AFL)
  • Geographical and cultural diversity (5, identify people from as many Asian and European countries, as well as living in and from Canadian provinces and territories)
  • Hockey fans (6, identify fans of as many teams as you can in the NHL, AHL, WHL, OHL, QMJHL, NWHL)
  • Soccer / rugby fans (3, identify fans of as many teams as you can in the MLS, NRL, RSL)

Regular Facebook picture tagging memes I created

Some posts include similar versions I found but did not create. They are noted so.

Facebook picture tagging memes I found and improved

Some I adopted a graphic I saw for Facebook tagging use, while others I improved contrast, resized and/or touched up in some other way.

Facebook 2.0 Survey Tagging Memes

Friends vote to give you answer to a survey question.

25 thoughts on “Facebook Tagging

  1. would it be possible to have a Supernatural facebook tagging one or maybe two as long as they r awsome thanks if u do get it done 🙂

  2. Just because people stole these pictures from you and pasted them on your website gave you a reason to go to my website and use photographs i have taken myself from artwork i made altered them by taking numbers off then used them on your website. If it was pictures of a person you wouldnt use them this is no different then to complain that others are stealing them is ridiculous

    • Melanie, the difference is I found an image without request not to take it, nor identity marks or signatures, and turned it into something else with a different use. That’s adding something genuine to it. The people who “stole” stuff I referred to simply rubbed out my signature, used it for the same purpose, and put their logo on it as if they had created it for that purpose. No added value, just taking credit.

      I don’t go claiming I created the Facebook tagging memes I did from scratch if you read the posts. I create them by turning the original artwork into a meme, whether a whole picture or assembling them or occasionally actually generating some graphics from other software. But I don’t delete identity marks or signatures. So complaining about people stealing stuff the way I do is not ridiculous to me at all. And it’s more a comment than a complaint. I knew this stuff would happen to anything posted on the Internet.

      If your photos or whatever had numbers, I didn’t find them on your site then, nor with the numbers. Someone else had done the dirty work where I found them, apparently. I’d just be glad your work, if it were really yours as your website link doesn’t exist, is serving a totally different purpose additional to yours, which is giving lots of people joy and happiness.

      Share a little love with the world today.

  3. hey man how did you make the memes because i really want one for Dragonball Z but i cant find one at all. seeing how your not gunna make anymore i would like to know how to make one for myself

    • I Google images for each of the characters I want. I then resize them all to the same size as much as I can, like all same height and/or width. That may be based on the smallest image you’ve got. These become your building blocks, so let’s say they’re 200 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. Then I create a new file that acts like a tray that holds them all, in some sort of square or rectangular arrangement, possibly with some blank areas you can fill in with text, so you have to use a little math here. You can’t make a tray for 19 blocks, for example (prime number), but you could make 20 (or 19 + 1 blank), arranged in 4 x 5. The factors of the number of spaces is how you figure that out.

      So let’s say you do a 4 x 5 tray. Then you need to use the math to multiply the block sizes. So 5 wide x 200 pixels wide is 1000. 4 high x 300 pixels high is 1500. That’s not ideal but it gives you an idea. You may prefer to use 6 wide and 3 high (2400 x 1800), and throw out 1 block. Hey, nobody expects the comprehensive character set.

      Then add text below each character. Flatten the whole image. Maybe resize it to a smaller width so it’s not taking a huge time for people on slow connections to upload. Lots of people use FB on small monitors, too, so excessive size isn’t necessary. Then save and upload.

      Here’s a link to some Dragonball Z character graphics

      Good luck!

      p.s. It takes a bit of time to research the characters if you don’t know them like I didn’t know for most of the themes I made. That’s the far bigger challenge for me than the graphics. Every now and then, I find a collage of a bunch of characters or symbols and then I just adapt them. If you can find such a collage, you’re off to a great head start. For all the time it takes to make one of these things, it takes a mere few seconds to steal and repost.

  4. I have no website outside of FB, so this may not even reach you. I found my images, made my “tag” format. But how do you get it so when people add a tag, it is able to be scrolled over the image to see it? THAT is what I have been unable to create. I could put the names under the tag page, but the fun is scrolling over to see who is the image! I would adore the help, thanks and have a great New Year!

    • Hi KS, thanks for your comment. I’ve emailed you the response below and hope it didn’t end up in your Junk box.

      I know what you’re talking about, but there are too many possibilities that could be the source so I’m not sure I have an answer. I think the main thing may be that you either have an old browser without the proper Flash update feature or it isn’t enabled. Probably the former because I think you have to disable it. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to update it because the modern browsers have automatic updates. Maybe ask your friends if they see it on a picture you tagged when they look at it on their machines. If so, it’s your browser. If not, then I don’t know. Sorry if that’s the case.

      Find a techie friend and see if s/he knows. Good luck and Happy New Year to you, too!

  5. I need a bit of help. None of the tagging websites for facebook work on my computer. I don’t Know what to do and i cant upgrade software either.

    Please Help Me
    thank you xxx

    • Sorry for the late reply but I’m not sure what I could do. Someone would need to be there to scope out what is the problem. Otherwise, I’d be taking blind guesses at a million things, any one of which could be right but all but one would be wrong. Hope you have some friends who know something about computers. Or just ask around. People love to help! Good luck!

  6. Heeyy,I wanted to put a suggestion for this website.
    this website is really cool but for the tagging part on facebook you should put more better memes or pics like superstars,singers,more smiley meme’s with descriptions, and more stuff like tht. Hope you will take my suggestion nd maybe put those in ur website.
    this website is a great website to find more facebook taggings

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and compliments, Shreya! I’m working on some new concepts for Facebook tagging rather than the usual sorts of themes, just slightly different in variations. I figured about 118 or so was enough. 🙂

      I have some other things to do first but maybe in a month or so, I’ll have these new sorts of themes out. Hope you’ll come back and check for them! Thanks again for the comps!

    • Thanks for the request but I don’t even have enough of a block of time to see the movie to know what I’d be talking about. I’m sure someone else out there will jump on it soon enough, though. Just give it a week and Google it to see what shows up. Good luck!

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