Twilight and Anti-Twilight Facebook Picture Tagging Meme

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My Twilight Facebook picture tagging meme has proven quite popular, widely stolen for reposting all over the Net, stripped of its credits and plastered with advertisements for the thieves. It’s made a lot of Twilight fans happy, I’m sure, but it’s caused a lot of people pain as well… seeing how strong the anti-Twilight movement is out there. So I decided to restore the balance by creating an anti-Twilight Facebook picture tagging meme.

You can use this in several ways. You can tag your friends who are anti-Twilight fans. What might be funner is to let them tag themselves on the icon of their choice. I don’t know if there’s a maximum you can tag per picture, but if you hit a limit, can you tell me?

I don’t recommend tagging friends who are Twilight fans. It’s not nice and they can untag themselves anyway… although I left a space for the secret Twilight lover, or one who wants to subject themselves to the ridicule, just for the heck of it, but let them tag themselves, eh? Have your fun, but not at the expense of others, K?

Here’s how to get this graphic for your Facebook fun:

  • Click on the picture at the bottom to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag your friends!

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from the original post

Twilight fans, you can thank a commenter named Ashley for this one. About a week ago, she urged me to make a Twilight Facebook picture tagging meme in a comment. I had to do research but thank goodness for Wikipedia to detail the characters for me. I hope you enjoy it!

Obviously, those anti-Twilight types are going to hate me for this, but hey, what can I say?


That would seem “appropriate”. 😉

The big yellow Warning and Caution signs in the Anti-Twilight meme was created by Persnicketese on Deviant Art. Please see links and comments below for claim.

Used with permission of the original author. Thank you.

Twilight Anime Animals theme pointed out to me by my friend LorieM via one of her friends AlysonH. Thanks!



33 thoughts on “Twilight and Anti-Twilight Facebook Picture Tagging Meme

    • Hahaha, archie. Thanks for the comment. If there were an anti-Twilight character set, I’d make a Facebook tagging meme for it, too. I actually know very little about Twilight and had to do research to create this.

      But you know what you should hate more? People who steal this, put it on their site, stick their logo on it so it’s like a Twilight meme with a Wal-mart sticker on it, then propagate over the Net. Twilight memes with shameless unethical second rate advertising on it. 🙂

      Thanks for the otahyoni link. It’s hilarious! I hope nobody tags her in one! Or if they do, on a stolen advertised graphic so she can go bash them out over it. 😉

    • No, you are not. I don’t think it’s nice to wish anyone to die. However, I’m taking the middle ground between these two camps who obviously don’t like each other very much! 🙂

  1. Why is it mean to wish Belle to die? SHE’S NOT REAL!…or am I the only one that thinks logically?

  2. Sammikins, Bella’s not real, but it’s still mean and has a real life impact. In an extreme example, just go around wishing every fictional character you know to die and see how your mood will change. Wishing one character to die is just a small version of that. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  3. I actually like twilight… but can you blame me? I was 13 when I read it! But then I re-read it and I was like ‘oh. that wasn’t as good as I remembered it.’ Needless to say, I HATE TWILIGHT!!! I just wish my friends would get over themselves when we’re talking about it. My seven-year-old sister has a twilight lunchbox, four twilight shirts, a bracelet, and a notebook that relates tot twilight, and she’s only seen the movie. Ugh. Kids.

    I wish Stephanie Meyer would stop and think about what she’s doing. She should just put away her laptop, and STOP WRITING before she thinks she’s the new “J.K. Rowling”, because she doesn’t even come *close* to J.K. Rowling’s writing ability! Stephanie Meyer has made MILLIONS, probably billions with the movie contracts and the memorabilia and the clothing. JUST STOP. From a former fan, JUST STOP!! PLEASE!! I AM BEGGING YOU! STOP!!

    • Wow, such a drastic turn around, Luna! Seems like I’ve got you covered with Harry Potter, Twilight and Anti-Twilight tagging memes. 🙂

      Thanks for the intimate insight, though. I know even less about Twilight as Harry Potter, and just on the sounds of them both, I hate the thought of even having to watch Twilight!

  4. Hey. How come some of my signs are put up here and claimed as your own? I would appreciate some credit since I made some of the anti-twilight ones for crying out loud.

    • Hi Persnicketese, thanks for your comment, but please, go easy on the accusations because they are neither accurate nor true. First of all, I said I created the meme, which is the compilation of the artwork for the purpose of Facebook tagging itself. I don’t think I’ve ever created any original artwork for any of the memes, and never claimed to have. Second, I didn’t find any of the art work in any place that was creditable to an owner. I certainly did not find yours in your Deviant Art gallery where I just went through it and didn’t see anything on the anti-twilight ones. If they were there, why they were not made public I do not know but how do you expect me to know if they were not made public? Third, this is the Internet. People “steal” graphics for their own use all the time. I’ve had my memes stolen so many times, reposted, sometimes even with a new brand on it without removing mine cause those people were that lazy, that if I had a dollar for each time I’ve seen it stolen, I wouldn’t need my great day job. Still, I had no intention of taking anything without giving credit and the artwork claimed to be done by you are on other sites, with higher search rankings and such, that searches I did never even led to your port. Something you might want to think about to try to improve. I struggle with it regarding my stolen memes myself since some high profile and traffic sites have stolen them. Finally, how would I or anyone know your port has your artwork, if they were that cynical? On a whim, they don’t appear in searches, or not anywhere near top results if they do, nobody ever gave you credit for them, you never took it in forums or such, etc. All in all, what I’m saying is you wouldn’t have a hope in Twilight hell of proving your accusations in a court so I’m not going to take it without a good defense.

      However, to be “nice”, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to leave your comment up, with the link you put to your DeviantArt port which has none of those signs you claimed to have made visible to the public at the time of commenting (if any were there). If anyone wants to go there, they can click on your link. If more people start throwing accusations like this, I’m going to take them all off (to be fair in being equal to all). With all the blatant stealing of my work out there, I’m not going to make this a hot spot for accusations.

  5. Dear Digital Citzen;

    Apparently you didn’t look hard enough:

    I made those back in 2008. They are copyrighted to me, as you can see if you look on the page. Just because they are posted on the internet and some theft happens is no excuse. I would have been happy to have them up if credit was given and you weren’t claiming my work as your own.

    Not to mention looking in the icons section I’ve noticed you got Harry Potter icons made by the infamous deviant Snapesnogger and again, you give no credit.

    I’m not asking for much. Just credit for the work I did. I do not appreciate art theft.

    • Hi Persnicketese,

      All right. Your chain of proof seems good. I must have missed those signs this morning. I had 20 signs to remember, not that I’ve looked at them recently, but fair enough. For all this, I genuinely apologize.

      I have put the credits up if you check the link. However, I will now ask you this. Will you still give me permission to use the art work with credit, or would you like me to take it down? If you would like me to take it down because I’ve upset you enough, I absolutely will. I might be a bit straight to the point, but I’m a fair player.

      Any other credits you can properly attribute for the signs and show some similar link for proof, I will also credit with links in the post, if you still let me leave the meme up.

      As for the Harry Potter issue, your research seems pretty good, too. Thanks for finding that out for me. Do you know how I can contact Snapesnogger? I couldn’t find anything either on Fanart or DeviantArt. Seems you might be able to if you were on DeviantArt. In the meanwhile, I have left a note regarding credit proof trying to be obtained. I will offer the same choice that if the author wants me to take it down, I will, with apologies and no questions asked.

      In the meanwhile, I would highly recommend you Google “Harry Potter Facebook tagging” to see who else has stolen my work comprising of yours to brand as their own. Best of luck!

      Persnicketese has accepted my apology and given me permission to use the artwork. Thanks for understanding.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have responded to Persnicketese’s latest previous comment and she will decide what will happen to her art that was used without knowledge prior to her claim.

  6. hey digital you are full of it! lookie!!!

    both stamps were posted on snickets DA nearly a year ago.. if you had gone far enough back in her Gallery you would have seen them there.

    her stuff is all over photobucket now as people take her work and post it there, now you have the proof links i would credit her since she is the one that created them.

    • Thank you for your comment. Please see my response to Persnicketese’s latest previous comment to see my apology to her and proposal to resolve it being left to her choice of action.

  7. i don’t get it?? if you hate twilight so much than why spend ur time -and a gud amount of it i might add- to make these??!!
    i love twilight u don’t so we have different views why you have insult people who have different opinion than urs??!!

    • Thanks for your comment, blackrose88. I guess it comes down to life philosophies. You can disagree and still accept, even respect. Not on absolutely everything, of course. I’m not going to agree with murderers or respect them… well, unless they kill someone worth killing that usually means someone who killed (or caused the killing of like with Hitler) others. However, on little things like entertainment, I’m willing to disagree, jab a little back and forth, accept and respect. Now, it’s all easy to say that. But if all I did was throw out insults and such, it wouldn’t mean much, would it? I think we all know people like that.

      Spending the time to create something, and you’re right it does take a good amount of time, for the opposing side is how I prove it with my actions. But go ahead, throw a few insults my way. I don’t mind. It’s only Twilight. 🙂

  8. all twilight haters suck!how can u not like twilight.its the best!digital citizen,ur weird,and u suck.if ur old i can tell y u hate twilight.i love twilight,especially edward cullen and carlisle.they r hot.just like Anonymous said.guys should look up to edward cullen,even if he is fake.i like this boy named _ _ _ _ _ _.he isnt like the boys these days.he is more like edward,even though i doubt he knows him.i love that boy so much.but i doubt he knows.anyways.boys should be more like edward.and thats all i have to say.PS:digital citizen,kiss my *ss.also,f*** you.i love edward and _ _ _ _ _ _.

    • That’s what you get for making the best Twilight Facebook Tagging meme out there, posting all the Twilight posters, huge Twilight wallpapers collections for all monitor sizes that are ordered and quick to load, eh?

      No wonder there are such passionate Twilight haters out there.

  9. My god! peopls its just twilight nothing important. But i do love that anti stuff. im a big anti my self and anti rap and anti alot of junk but i dont get why people care about their precious twilight? its a damn book/movie that has no point in life so screw it alright and ‘Bella” learn how to type.

    • Never watched Twilight. Just knew there was a big fan base for it so I made it for you all. They also shared good graphics from which to make these memes and wallpapers I have on this site. Thanks for using this meme. Hope you had fun!

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