https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me any more, with how often it has happened in the past, but leave it to me to end up embracing something I didn’t like, wasn’t good at, or both. In this case, it’s modern poetry, and I have come to embrace it in a big way! Now, only time will tell if it lasts, or if it will fade, but I have taken the steps to help it last.

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One Month Resolutions Check In (2021)


January is over, and all of my resolutions for 2021 are still in tact. I expect them to be all year if my few decades of such tracking are any indication of how I perform in that regard. I still haven’t documented them all on this blog, with all the proper writing out of methodologies as per my Resolutions Planner that I had shared a month ago or so. However, I have all the elements worked out in my mind, and all the tracking information in my Google Sheets Daily Activities Tracker that I had also shared. So let’s have a look to see how I’m doing.

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The Power of Giving Away Lottery Tickets

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/My #1 life philosophy is the best thing you can give someone, including yourself, is a chance. It applies well to general opportunities in life, as in having the trust, faith, and/or confidence in someone, including oneself, to do something, with success either expected or ignored, pending the goal. The philosophy holds true for understanding that the trust, faith, confidence, love, whatever you want to interpret as being shown by the person giving the chance, are far more valuable than anything money could buy, or other qualities shown. However, I’m going to test that money theory by getting my work colleagues lottery tickets for Asian New Year on February 12 (2021).

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The Bling Days Resolution

In 2019, and most years prior to that, I spent money on about 75% of days, albeit not much on most occasions. In 2020, to cut down on those small purchases, I committed to spending money on fewer days than I did not money, or spending money on less than 50% of days during the year. But then came this COVID-19 thing, a lockdown with it, some excellent self-control, and I was hitting early targets of spending money on just 10% of days at one point in the spring! With that incredible burst out of the gates, I tried to balance enjoyment of life while not spending, and ended up spending money on 18.4% of days. That’s doesn’t include rent and automatic bill deductions for convenience, but it’s only a technicality because I could have paid them any number of days where I spent money, ahead of time if need be, but just didn’t for the convenience of saving time.

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A Couple of Sleepy Resolutions

After having shared my Resolutions Planning Workbook yesterday, I thought I’d show an example of how I use it through a couple of resolutions I just committed to in 2021.

These resolutions are about sleep, both going towards getting what I deem to be enough sleep, but done in a consistent way rather than binging catch-up sleep periodically. The body can’t fully catch-up on shortage of sleep to get the same benefit as if the same amount of sleep had been spread out evenly. Lack of sleep on many days also means one can’t be as fully alert and present as if with good sleep, to bringing the same energy to things, all else being equal, to life, whether to activities and/or to other people. That energy is about as fundamental a thing as a person can bring to life to live it best, and sleep is, without doubt, the most effective way to fuel that, even more important than the equivalent food deprivation. That’s how important sleep is once you understand what the latest research tells you, and that’s why it’s worth two resolutions to me, with that goal of sufficient sleep (around 7 hours a night to minimize cognitive decline) consistently, being my number one goal of the 2020s. So with that background in mind, here are my notes for the two goals. I will make the headers of one goal red, and the other blue, to denote the difference.

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