Friends’ Name Alphabet Facebook Picture Tagging Game

I did not create the idea for this Facebook picture tagging meme game, nor did I create the pictures for them below. However, I did look for them, touched them up and adopted them for this game because the ones I saw were bad or inadequate (i.e. missing letters in the alphabet).

The idea is to tag one of your friends who have first names starting with each letter of the alphabet, for as many letters as you can. You can tag people who don’t have Facebook accounts as well because you can just type in a name when you tag a picture instead of choosing from someone on your list.

Aside from just a quick survey for yourself, for those of you who are social butterfly types, challenge your friends to see who has more. If that’s too easy, see who find friends with first names starting with every letter of the alphabet. I do not recommend this because true friends should be based on something more than just for filling out a Facebook tagging meme, and I do not recommend getting Facebook or other social media network friends who you don’t know just for the sake of this. There are real life dangers and risks with these activities. However, if you are among a lot of people in big institutions there there’s a realistic chance there might be a Zack or Xavier walking around, it might be fun to try!

Can you name all the logos?

Just as an aside, even if you don’t want to use this for tagging games, can you help me name all the logos in the top two pictures?

  • Corporate Brands: B, C, E, H, L (I should know this), M, P, R, U, W, Z.
  • Sport Teams: F (Florida something?), J, Q, T (Texas something?), U, X (Xavier?), Y (did someone cheat on the Yankees logo to remove the N?).

To get these pictures for your use:

  • Click on the picture to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag your friends!

Please click here for a complete list of over 100 Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.



13 thoughts on “Friends’ Name Alphabet Facebook Picture Tagging Game

    • No, I actually didn’t, Sharon. Thanks so much for telling me! I don’t know why nobody else didn’t. It’s not like there’s no traffic or downloads here!!! However, knowing it now, I’ll take it down. It’s my least favourite anyway. As well, the other two memes serves the exact same purpose.

  1. b is barbie.
    c is coke.
    d is disney.
    g is google.
    i is IBM (i think).
    j is johnson&johnson.
    k is kellogs. (idk how to spell it)
    l is lego. n is nintendo something.
    q is quicktime.
    x is xbox.
    y is yahoo.

  2. Can you please tell me what the rest are?

    B- barbie
    C- cola
    D- disney
    H- H&M
    I- IBM
    J- johnson and johnson
    K- kellogs
    L- lego
    N- nintendo
    P- puma
    Q- quick time player
    S- sega
    W- sony ericsson cell phone
    X- xbox
    Y- yahoo

  3. Hi Janice, thanks for your comment.

    A is Adobe (maker of Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat PDF, etc.)
    E ?
    F is FILA (sports equipment and clothing)
    M is the M in MTV
    O is Oakley’s (overpriced sunglasses)
    R is ?
    T is Texaco (gasoline)
    U is ?
    V is Verizon (wireless, telecommunications)
    Z is ?

    So it seems the challenges are the letters E, R, U and Z. Who wants to answer them? 🙂

    They should have used the Internet Explorer logo for the E. Zorro’s Z would have been recognizable, too. I can only think of sports team logos for the R and U right now, not corporate.

  4. b is barbie.
    c is coke.
    d is disney.
    g is google.
    i is IBM (i think).
    j is johnson&johnson.
    k is kellogs. (idk how to spell it)
    l is lego. n is nintendo something.
    q is quicktime.
    x is xbox.
    y is yahoo.

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