Writing to the Music of Minecraft

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Before you read the rest of this post, just click play on the video below of the video game Minecraft’s soundtrack, and either leave it to play, or click somewhere randomly on the length of the track to play some of its music. It would be appropriate because this post is about how I came upon this music by chance, and fell in love with it for my future writing!

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Nature’s End Game Is Always Equilibrium

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/When you learn to understand Nature, it’s often short-sighted. Why did this happen? Because of that before it. Or this just happened, what next? Every now and then, you learn something akin to a life cycle, something from beginning to end, like birth to death. But even then, that’s just part of something bigger. What’s that bigger thing? And what’s the biggest thing, if one existed?

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What Will You Bring to the Game?

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/When you take on anything for some time, whether a job, hobby, sport, or some other activity, do you aspire to bring something to it that will change, expand, and/or improve it? I don’t necessarily mean anything revolutionary, even something noticeable to many. Just something you can lay claim to, or lay claim to independently if someone else had done the same thing obscurely. This is what I ultimately do in anything I take up, usually after I get some foundational understanding of the matter, like how things worked, how they came to be where they are now, what has been done and what is being done, what has not and why, etc. That’s when I ask myself this metaphorical quote of what will you bring to the game? Here are some of my modest answers so far:

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NHLers GoPro with Action Cams on Players – Sample Video

The NHL will have players wear GoPro action cams starting at the All-Star game to get footage for live hockey broadcasts. You’ll never have seen the game this way if you’ve never played, and not at this speed unless you’re a professional level player. For a sample, they put together this fantastic video of some NHL stars stick handling, taking shots and so on. Wow! is all I’ve got to say! Can’t wait!

Why Has NFL Football Remain America’s #1 Sport?

On this biggest sports day of the year, the Super Bowl, I pondered why NFL football remains America’s #1 sport.

NFL football became America’s #1 sport through a variety of complex, interwoven and additive reasons as analyzed here in the Bleacher Report. The reasons why it has remained so, and only widened the gap, are a little different, in my opinion. The latest survey from Harris for ESPN shows some interesting demographic divides among the popular sports, though, but it’s not these demographics I’m looking at, rather the overall results. Finally, I have to be clear that #1 is for watching and interest, not participation. That belongs to soccer, probably for its ease to be able to play without huge costs for gear and facilities to play in.

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