The Power of Giving Away Lottery Tickets #1 life philosophy is the best thing you can give someone, including yourself, is a chance. It applies well to general opportunities in life, as in having the trust, faith, and/or confidence in someone, including oneself, to do something, with success either expected or ignored, pending the goal. The philosophy holds true for understanding that the trust, faith, confidence, love, whatever you want to interpret as being shown by the person giving the chance, are far more valuable than anything money could buy, or other qualities shown. However, I’m going to test that money theory by getting my work colleagues lottery tickets for Asian New Year on February 12 (2021).

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Definition: Black-figure Pottery, Red-figure Pottery, Vitrify

Some ancient Greek pottery terminology today. Pretty interesting how they found out these things to make their pottery art.


Black-figure Pottery

One of the styles of painting on antique Greek vases that leaves black figures (after oxygen withdrawn in kiln)


Red-figure Pottery

One of the styles of painting on antique Greek vases that leaves red figures (after oxygen added in kiln after it was withdrawn to create black-figures)



Convert (something) into glass or a glasslike substance, typically by exposure to heat



I am starting a new phase in my garment design and making adventure with my dress shirt pattern fitting pretty much complete. I have officially dug into my good fabric stash for making dress shirts designs I’ve for several years now, designs which will really showcase my design ability and vision. See the first picture in the gallery below for an example of the kind of fabrics I’m talking about. In this case, it’s all Chinese jacquards, which I hate to say, stinks a little upon ironing. However, I hope that will lessen with several more washing.

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