If You Can’t Be Friends, Try to Be Frenemies

When it comes to being friends or enemies, is it better to be friends with someone some of the time rather than not at all? That is, can’t one be both in some capacity rather than solely one or the other? Is friendship a case of some being better than none, or a case of all or nothing where none is preferable if all could not be had? You know where I stand on this from my quote if you can’t be friends, try to be frenemies.

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Definition: Gezellegheid (Dutch)


[ pronounced geZELeHed ]
Dutch word to describe a feeling of snug in a homely place with friends.

  • From the TEDTalk below (at about 2:13), by Tiffany Watt Smith, which includes a bunch of emotions where there are no words in English, but which you may well have experienced, but never had one single word to describe them! Or which you may go out and try to see if you can conjure up the feeling from hints in its definition for where and/or under what conditions one might experience it.

Security Clearance Style Friend Lists on Facebook for Privacy

facebook face logoAll of my Facebook friends belong on one Friend List or another. These lists, numbered from 1 to 5, with a descriptive after the number, identifies how much access each person on it has to my Facebook content. That’s because with every post, I set the privacy setting to one or more of these targeted audiences. It’s just a little “think twice” check before I post, but it sure is effective!

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