Earthlings of about eight billion

Ever-changing chameleons

Trying to blend in with others

Trying to stand out from others

Trying to find their true colours

Trying to be other colours

Trying unnatural colours

Trying impossible colours

Trying to achieve some balance

Trying to maintain that balance

All at once

It’s been an overwhelming week! With four writing contest deadlines mid-week, it was like end of term in school. All the more appropriate a metaphor considering I use writing contests like school assignments to give myself a little motivation of something being on the line, rather than just do stupid writing exercises with nothing at stake. That all ended Thursday morning at 2 AM for me, and it’s been catching up on old things and juggling new things as I brought my running into the 21st century with my first smart running watch, a Garmin 245.

I also got the first results of competitions I have entered this year, since I began my two year writing journey. It wasn’t acknowledgeable, meaning it got eliminated, not making the short list. However, no big deal. It was the one I had expected to do worst among everything I’ve entered this year. It was modern poetry, which I still have no clue for what “good” means. It was also only $5 to enter, and 50 words including the total. All worthwhile, in my books.

The poem at the start was what I had entered. The first writing competition piece I am able to share. It’s not great or grand or anything. It’s not even “modern”, being semi-classical with rhyme scheme and even the same number of syllables on most lines. That alone should have been more than enough to eliminate it. Nothing with much of a rhyme scheme or meter is going to win much for poetry, these days, I feel. It’s also one big metaphor that’s too easy to figure out, which is unlike a lot of modern poetry I see, not that I think they tend to be clever metaphors or anything. “Desperate”, is how I’d actually describe a lot of modern poetry metaphors I find. Like a student grasping for ropes of smoke from a cigarette to hang something on. Yet, I put it in, because I liked how correct the whole metaphor is regarding what it means to human in terms of identity.

So one competition down to have an entry to share, and the only poetry one. If I don’t fare better on the other prose competitions, I at least hope you’ll like those entries more. I probably won’t hear anything for a few more months, at least, though, so don’t be waiting. I also don’t have another deadline until at least June 1st, and I’m half balking at that because unless I have multiple pieces to make them less per piece for cost to enter, on average, I won’t. It’s a perverse incentive, spending more money for the sake of less per piece, but when it comes to motivation, I’m all about perverse incentives. I’ll have a few stories to share about that in the near future. For now, though, I’ll have time to get back to writing more on my blog, and upping the quality because I’ve not exactly been producing “writing vignettes” as the currently blog tag line purports. Rather, I’ve been kind of “documenting”, writing what’s been happening in life without much thought or reflection included. Not even journaling, you might say. But off to the side, for these competitions, I’ve generally been quite happy at what I’ve been producing for entries and feel my writing is improving. I hope to show it at this level, too… my warm-up writing level.

Oh, and when the winning entries are shared, I’ll make a post to show how little I understand what good modern poetry is, and likely how much of it won’t resonate with me. It might sound in bad taste, but it’ll just be a look into my mindset and character on modern poetry, not winning or losing. It’ll be my analysis notes, basically, and I’m even looking forward to seeing what that might look like! 🙂



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