Facebook Share Your Top 10 Dylan Songs Leading to Bob’s Birthday on May 24th

Bob Dylan

May 24th 2011 will be the 70th birthday of legendary music icon Bob Dylan, and Rolling Stone magazine has an incredible tribute to him. They had lots of famous musicians share their favourite Dylan songs as one feature, among lots of other great features. From this, I got the idea for people to pay their own tribute to Bob while sharing with others your love for Bob and his music using social media.

From May 15th on, share one of your ten favourite Bob Dylan songs each day on social media platforms that can embed videos like Facebook. If you have an order for them from 10th to absolute favourite, you can put your favourite on Bob’s birthday on May 24th. Otherwise, just share one a day.

Best way to do this is probably via YouTube, even if they’ve wussied out on copyright so that most of Bob’s original versions are no longer available. However, some of the best versions of Bob’s songs are covers done by others so it’s not a bad trade-off.

Add a comment as to why you love each of the songs so others will know.

Make sure you get your friends who love Bob and his music to do the same. You can then wait to see who comes up with what each day and talk about anything related to the song like why you loved it, cover versions, favourite lyric lines, and so on. I don’t need to help you with ideas for discussion, now, do I? 🙂

If you’re reading this after May 15th, but before May 24th, just play catch up and share two per day or more until you catch up. If you’re reading this after May 24th, consider doing this next year.

Have fun doing it!

If you’re a big Dylan fan, you might also be interested in these other Rolling Stone features this month.

I’m not generally the type who buys magazines, but I don’t think I’ll be able to escape buying this month’s Rolling Stone for the excellent job it has done to pay tribute to Bob’s 70th birthday. Well done!

If you’re looking for some Dylan guitar tabs to play on his birthday, check out my printable PDF Bob Dylan guitar tabs on my site:

So what are your favourite ten Bob Dylan songs?

See mine here.

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