Mikael Granlund’s “Lacrosse” Style Scoop Hockey Goal Video

Mikael Granlund, a 19 year old hockey player from Finland drafted 9th overall last year by the Minnesota Wild, just scored what may well be the play of the year on Friday the 13th of May, 2011!

On the IIHF World Championship semi-final stage against the Russians, at full speed stealing the puck in the corner, then walking around a player, then having that player chase him behind the net, Mikael scoops up the puck and puts it up and under the crossbar. He scored “lacrosse style”, as some like to say, to give Finland a 1-0 lead. But never mind my description. Have a look for yourself because words don’t do this goal justice!

English version

Finnish version

I chose these two clips among the many because they were extended and captured the live action, not just the replays or discussions later. Dave Randorf and whoever his broadcasting partner was on the Canadian Sports Network channel (TSN), made an awesome call on the goal, worthy of the goal itself! Well done, guys! I don’t understand Finnish to know how good the Finnish call really was, but the commentators were definitely excited, and rightly so! I thought I’d include the Finnish version for viewers who know Finnish, and out of respect for the fact it was a Finnish player who scored the fabulous goal.

Mikael played with IFK Helsinki last year as an 18 year old and won the league championship with them so he’s got valuable championship experience. I don’t know when this guy is due in the NHL, but I sure as heck can’t wait!

Btw, this skill Mikael has apparently runs in the family. His brother Markus can be seen here scoring a similar goal, in slightly less tough competition. Thanks for the commenter below to correct my initial thought it was Mikael.

3 thoughts on “Mikael Granlund’s “Lacrosse” Style Scoop Hockey Goal Video

  1. Actually, that other goal was by Mikaels younger brother, Markus Granlund.

    It goes in the family…

    • Thanks so much for the correction. I thought maybe someone had mistaken the name. The video of the guy in full out hockey gear makes it hard to tell who it was. Nice to know there’s more than one of them who’ll be doing this stuff for us all to see in the future, though. 🙂

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